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Where does the name Green Day come from?

There are several different ideas floating around about this. The term Green Day refers to a day that is spent smoking pot, and is slang in the Bay Area from which Green Day originates. Though they were originally called Sweet Children, another band was named Sweet Baby, so they decided to change to Green Day because they liked it more. Another idea present is that while stoned out of their minds they were watching Sesame Street and a character on the show said the phrase Green Day and they liked it.

How many albums has Green Day put out?

All Green Day albums are listed below in order, they have a total of 9 albums. 

For more information on Green Day's complete discography you can visit our discography section.

What else are the guys in Green Day involved in?

Aside from their musical involvement in Green Day, they also play with other bands. Billie Joe is a member of the band Pinhead Gunpowder. Billie is also actively involved in the record lable he co-owns named Adeline. Mike has a band called the The Frustrators, and he runs his own resturant. For more information about side projects, read the Away from Green Day article. There is also a rumor circulating around that all 3 members of Green Day are secretly involved in the band The Network. The band is also involved in charities like the NRDC, Amnesty International, and the Music Rising Foundation.

How can I contact Green Day?

The staff of this site does not have any of Green Day's personal contact information such as their email address, phone number, or home address. However we can provide you with a fan mail address:

Green Day
c/o Warner Bros. Records Inc.
P.O. Box 6868
Burbank, CA 91510

You can also join the Idiot Club, Green Day's official fan club, which will provide you with the chance to ask your questions. Each month Green Day will answer several of the questions submited.

Has Green Day had other members that are no longer in the band?

Yes, they have. Their original drummer John Kiffmeyer, also known as Al Sobrante,  left the band to pursue educational interests. Aside From Billie Joe, Mike and Tre, Green Day also has a very helpful crew who assists them while they record and during concerts.

What is [this] song about?

Our song meaning section can provide you with well written, detailed descriptions of all of Green Day's songs.

What record labels have they been signed to?

Green Day has recorded with a few different labels. Currently, Green Day is signed with Reprise Records and has been since the Dookie. Before that they had a contract with Lookout! Records which is the label that put out their first EP's and albums. A Sweet Children EP was put out on Skene! records.Green Day, and the member's side projects, are also involved with Adeline Records.

Is there going to be an American Idiot movie?

Billie Joe can be quoted saying that "We've definitely been talking about someone writing a script for it, and there's been a few different names that have been thrown at us." However, no plans have been officially announced, and no release date has been set. That quote is also from the year 2004, and since then no more important information on the film has been released making it appear that this project isn't going to happen.

What are the names of the people who appear in Green Day videos?

Green Day has had several celebrities in their videos. In the Jesus of Suburbia music video, the actor who plays the main character is named Lou Taylor Pucci. In the Wake Me Up When September Ends video Jamie Bell and Evan Rachel Wood take on the two leading roles. Dita Von Teese appears in the video for Redundant. In the video for Good Riddance (Time of Your Life), you will see Noah Wyle. Noah is well known for his role as John Carter on the television drama ER.

Where did the song Knowledge come from?

At almost every Green Day concert 3 lucky fans are selected to go up on stage and play a song called Knowledge with the band. The song is an Operation Ivy song that Green Day has covered multiple times and it appears on the album 1,039 Smoothed Out Slappy Hours.

Who is the voice in the begining of Blood, Sex, and Booze?

Rumors have circulated around that the voice is Adrienne's but it isn't, the girls name is actually Mistress Simone, and she can be seen in the Warning Documentary.

Are the Network really Green Day?

According to statements from the band, no. Each member can be quoted as saying that they are not affiliated with the Network. However some people believe it's just a big joke and they are the same band. For more information on the Network you can read our article about them.

What was Cigarettes and Valentines?

Cigarrets and Valentines was rumored to be the title of the album that Green Day had planned on putting out, but the master tapes were stolen. Instead, they released American Idiot. After the album was stolen, none of the songs on it were leaked and there is no information out that Green Day plans to record the songs again.

How long has Green Day been playing together?

Mike and Billie Joe have known each other since they were kids, and have always been interested in music. Sweet Children was formed in 1987, and Tre hopped aboard the Green Day crew after Al left the band in 1990.

Are any members of the band vegetarians?

No, they aren't. This is a rumor that was started and is completely false. In the Idiot Club question and answer section they clearly stated they weren't.

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