Meet John Kiffmeyer

John Kiffmeyer's stay in Green Day may not have been for a long amount of time, but while he was there he jump-started their musical career. His reputation in the Punk community is what helped Green Day become what they are today. His mad drumming skills helped a little bit as well of course!

John KiffmayerJohn Kiffmyer, also known as Al Sobrante, was board on July 11, 1969. He was Green Day’s original drummer and responsible for writing the song I Was There. John's nickname is derived from his home town, El Sobrante. Prior to playing with Green Day, John was in a band called Isocracy, in which he was also the drummer. Isocracy was a high in demand, house favorite at Gilman Street, which helped him build up a pretty nice reputation in the punk scene. As soon as he joined Green Day, popularity was soon to follow him. John was also well known in the underground music cult because of his zine, Zippo. It covered everything in the local underground music scene, and then some. Billie Joe was also the author of one of the column in the zine. During their first tour, all members of the band picked up odd jobs to help pay for gas and other tour expenses. John drove a diaper truck by day, and rocked out on drums by night. Odd combination, but it worked.

In the year of 1990, John left the band to pursue his journalism career by attending college full time, however he did make time to help produce the album Kerplunk.

John's last known musical activity was in the band the Ne’er Do Wells, which later changed their name to the Hi-fives. Although he was their drummer for quite some time, he is no longer an active member. So, where is John now? He currently resides in San Francisco with his wife Greta and son Lolo, and it appears he is no longer involved in music.

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