White Pride.

I don't know about you, because depending on where you live, you get more or less of this. But I know it hits you no matter where you live.

For too long I've heard speeches about "Black pride" and "Mexican pride" , and have heard next to nothing about white pride. And the few who do dare to speak out about White pride are called racists. If Mexicans and African Americans are able to speak out about their pride in their race without being discriminated agianst, and being praised for it, why can't we?
Every time I've seen someone speak out for white pride, they've gotten struck down because of what we've done to the African Americans and Mexicans. Like we should have NO pride in our race because of what our ancestors did and because of precautions we've taken at the borders here in Arizona and elsewhere. Yes, I admit that slavery was wrong. But this is what, 200 years later? I see no need for us to continue to apologize for what happened so very long ago. And the precautions we've taken at the borders? There is definatley no reason to apologize for what has happened with that. Illeagl Aliens coming in, taking jobs from natural born and/or legal immigrants, and sending America's money to other countries, and they want us to apologize to them for trying to keep them out. Just immigrate legally and pay taxes like the most of us.
If we get called racists for speaking out about our pride, wouldn't we be able to do the same with the African Americans? And the Mexicans?
Every race and color has it's downfalls, weather it be in the past or present. There is NO reason that one color can't speak out about it's pride without being called rasist because of what it has done in the past or what it is forced to do about a situation.
I was kind of inspired to write about this when I was in Vegas and saw people of all ages holding signs up about white pride. Even though they spoke about Martin Luther King like he was a communist, (which I definatley don't agree with), and they were definatley White Extremists,(which I am definatley not one of) it reminded me that I don't have to be quiet about my pride just because someone would call me racist. It feels good to be able to say this. I'm white and I'm proud.
Posted on April 20th, 2007 at 03:46am


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