As The Anger Closes In

Have you ever been swallowed whole by your anger? So mad that you just wanted to scream? Clenched fists and a set jaw, trying to hold it all in? Trying to remain sane? And when the tears slowly begin to slide down your check you give up. Just let it go. The scream no longer begs to be let out. Hands returned to a normal position. But the sanity is gone. No control over your emotions. No control over your life. Difficult just to breathe. So how are we to do what is expected of us? How are we supposed to live our lives? With our mouths shut? Letting nothing out, storing every emotion in a bottle somewhere inside yourself. And for a long while you can manage it, get away with it even. But as time progresses that bottle seems to get smaller as more problems and difficulties arise. So what do you do? The same thing that you have been doing, you keep it all in. In fact you keep so much in that your bottle is spilling over the brim. You become an emotional wreck. One mistake and the tears pour out of you. One little accident and you can't control yourself. Anger rushes out, forcing hatefulness and spite in your voice. You don't mean for it to happen, but it does. It happens more and more until your once loving personality turns towards rage. And with no forms of expression for this rage and confusion what are you to do? Continue doing nothing? Start abusing drugs and alcohol? Doing some sort of self-abuse? Or even doing the unthinkable, commiting suicide? Why couldn't you have just told someone that you were angry with this or you were scared about that? Why do people let things get so out of hand that they turn towards self destructive behavior to get them through the day? Why is it so difficult to express your emotions? Why can't we just be happy as we once were a long, along time ago?
Posted on April 23rd, 2007 at 02:19pm


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