Do I confront her, or do I sit back?

Have you ever had some person dislike (possibly even hate) you for seemingly no apparent reason at all? I sure have. I tend to spend my lunch hour in the library, it gives me a time to sit back, relax and enjoy a book. Never have I done anything wrong in there, but it seems that a certain librarian isn't too keen on the fact that I'm alive. Well that might be a bit extreme. But this woman does appear to greatly dislike me for what I can only guess to be for the clothes I choose to put on my body. Now my outfits usually consist of a band T-shirt, or some sweater, a black hoodie, jeans, and Converse. Nothing too 'emo', 'punk', or 'goth'. Just jeans and a shirt. Well as I was sitting reading a book one day a boy that I know, his name is Jon, walked into the library, saw me and said hello. He then turned around and began a search for some biography book. (I sat near that section) Well this librarian came up to us told us we were in there to meet up and hang out and then promptly kicked us out of the library. Jon and I weren't really upset, yet. We just left and went our separate ways. So a few weeks ago I was again in the library reading when Jon came in. Now I should mention Jon is what would I suppose be classified as the 'emo' type, tight girl pants, eyeliner, and a girls band T. So anyway again he comes in says hello, I return the favor and blah. So again he's looking at some books and my attention returns to my own. This woman must have some sort of power that can detect when someone she isn't fond of is within 10 yards of her. So she comes up and looks at Jon and I and she just says 'Now I know what you two are in here to do'. She made it sound like we had snuck up to the library to have sex or something, but anyway, she just pursed her lips and said 'follow me'. She turned on her heels and told us to stand by the book check-out area and as she was walking away Jon and I were just like 'what the?...' and so she went and emailed our different guidance counselors and told us to go down there. So I asked her what for and she said the we were 'meeting up in the library to do God knows what!' When we tried to tell her that it was pure chance that we had even seen each other in there, she went so far as to stick her fingers in her ears and say 'la la la! I don't care'. Now that just seemed childish and, may I be so blunt, stupid. So naturally we were quite pissed off and I just yelled at her that she was be ridiculous and that I was in there reading and she just ignored me so I simply..well I yelled that 'yes reading is such a bad thing to do isn't it?' and slammed the library door. So all in all this woman, before she even knew my name, and taken it upon herself to rid the library of such scum as myself. So now I am forced to either go hide in a bathroom or spend my lunch hour in the guidance counselor’s office, who now thinks I have an eating disorder, which I don't. I told her I was anti-social, not anorexic. And then last Friday I was again in the library just grabbing a book this time (you would think I would learn =]) and I was waiting for the catalogue to become free, some boy was on it. So I sat down at a table and waited for him to get done. While this is going on my friend Cassie came in and sat down beside me. She was waiting for it too. So this..this woman again comes up to me asks me what I was doing in 'her' library. I told her I was waiting for the computer. Oh if you could have seen her face! So after I picked up a book I went back to my 'study hall' class. After this is lunch, and because of her I now spend my lunch in the guidance office, so while I was in there this...again for the sake of controlling myself I will simply call her a woman, came in there. looked at me, scoffed, and then asked to see my counselor outside. I knew it was about me. Whether that was a some crazy intuition or a well educated guess I don't know, but when my counselor return she asked me if I had returned to my class after I had gone to the library. I told her yes, and I really had. Now this just plain pisses me the hell off. There is no way that woman could have known whether I had gone back to my class or not, the library is no where near it. She was purely just trying to get me into some from of trouble. Now my question is, do I risk a punishment and confront her about it or do I let another person treat me like shit because they think I'm a bad person because of what I wear and because they have a higher authority over me? Now I know it is not proven that she dislikes me because of what I wear, but I'm 99.999999% sure that’s what it is. Why would she be angry with me for wearing a Death Cab For Cutie hoodie and not at the slut in the mini skirt looking at the Teen Vogue magazine? I honestly don't know what to do. Do I take a stand and risk myself so close to the end of the year, or do I let it go, continue to let people do this, not just to me, but to other people like me. Those 'emo', 'punk', or 'goth' kids? When are we going to defend ourselves?
Posted on May 7th, 2007 at 09:25pm


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