i feel lonely

every friday when i arrive home i feel really sad, i know that's weird... i don't know whats the matter with me, when i´m at school i´m happy cos i´m with people, i speak and joke, but then at home when i´m alone i feel thah i have nobody who really understands me and i know that in the new school those people are just classmates,

i have never find a person like me, someone to share my secrets... the closest person to me is my sister but the most of the times i have nothing to tell her and i dont talk with her in all the day, but i know she is the best friend i have found in my life...

i have so much things that i don't tell to anyone,,, In addition i don't feel like going out i prefer to be alone at home despite i know that it makes me sad... i´m so confused.. sometimes i feel really really happy but in 2 seconds i feel so depressed... now i wait monday to speak with someone...

I feel my life is empty... have u ever felt the same? (i´m sorry if this blog is depressing, i just needed to say it, this is how i am, i would like to change but is difficult Sad )
Posted on May 11th, 2007 at 11:15am


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