GSB - more than a Green Day fansite.

So, a blog about the site itself. Not any particular aspect, just GSB.
I love this site - don't we all?
Pretty much all the people are friendly and will help you out if you have a problem.
I reckon one of the good things about GSB is that there isn't that many people on here. There's only about 3500 updated users, in comparison to other sites, it's pretty small. You're able to recognise one another, even if it is only by username.
K, this is sounding like an essay. :\
The Blahs.
This is the place where I am most of the time. You're all legends. Every one of you. I've never seen anyone on there be rude or mean (apart from the "emo h8r" saga, we won't go into details). Everybody will help someone out if they have a problem. and of course, fun can always be found.
The Blogs.
I love the blogs. It's the place where you can state your opinions, your thoughts, your feelings and not be scrutinised. I love a good debate, and the Blogs are the place for that.
The Message Board.
I'm not on here much at all. But I didn't want to leave the boards out of it, and I have to say they're pretty cool. I'm not the one to write about it.
Old GSB.
The old GSB was the site I signed on, and i'll never forget it. The journals were a great place, the message board was a lot easier to access, and who can forget the stories and the games? Also, there are a lot of people on there that aren't on here that I miss. But times change and I'm not one to complain..a lot.
New GSB.
The new GSB is great. It's modernised and the new things such as friend requests, photos, profile comments, articles, blogs and blahs are awesome. Sure, I miss the old GSB. But I've definetely got used to this.

Anyway, in summary,I think GSB is the best site ever. Most probably will agree, some might not, but you wouldn't be on here if you didn't like the site - and of course Green Day.
GSB - it's a Green Day site, yet so much more.

Posted on May 23rd, 2007 at 06:43am


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