labels? me? never!

well im elated to be someone you once hated...

what labels are there?
emo, punk, goth, rocker, chav, prep, redneck, gangstuh, wigga, teenie, and idk any more. hah..

i listen to punk, punk-rock, pop-punk, ska, ska-punk, rock, rock and roll, classic punk, classic rock, light metal, pop, r n b, classic pop, soul, punkyrocky pop, grunge, dance, techno, gospel, christian rock, nursery rhymes, and really, anything thats good.

im not too good at pop culture labels, im alright at rock labels. it where punk comes in that i know my stuff.

and i get on with the church people, the outcasts, the popular kids, the sporty kids, the school ho, the clown i really get on with people while not really liking people.

but if i need to pick a label it would be punk. not classic, sex pistols and clah (although damn good) im more bfs blink 182 and green day and sum 41 skateboarding and a tutu punk.

but punks say im wierd, i listen to black eyed peas and mcfly.
Posted on May 24th, 2007 at 05:05am


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