The Other Side

It seems most days the only person I talk to is myself, either reciting poetry or engaging in some fantasy world I like to slip to now and then.

It's so easy to touch the other side that you're never meant to venture into. It's like, to others the barrier between these two realms is a huge, glittering wall with spikes and guards, something protecting us from the horrors on the other side of that wall. To me, it's just a line in the dirt over which one can easily cross without fuss or a passport needed.

Neither side seems too real and concrete; the old things you used to rely on can suddenly flex out the way like a snake. Walls breathe and close in on you. Cupid preys on my mind, messing with my romantic notions, drenching up old loves and crushes and revitalises them new and bewitching. Everything can mean something else. Colours take on almost mythical possession. There is always a code hidden in every book and video and piece of music, especially for you. Nothing is as simple as it may seem. The world you once knew is facile and you don't care for it. All you know it what is inside your mind and oh, the possibilities!

Who wouldn't love to live in a world that most only access in their dreams? Anything is possible, laws are meaningless and Physics means little else than the cute Physics teacher you once had a crush on. Your heart's deepest desires come into full play and that can either make or break you. Sometimes, your heart's desire makes you weak with relief or horror at what you truly want. Then again, you have all these false hopes and dreams that infiltrate the true wishes.

I suppose I have the advantage of solitude, that I can indulge my fears and hopes as much as I want to without fear of being told off or anyone worrying whom I am talking to. That's a blessing, with that eerie curse just there, beyond reach.

How far can imagination go before you hit insanity? Perhaps I am already there but I am having the time of my life. After all, only in my head can I actually let the dreary world fade and let all the good things that might happen to me in this life are shown. When not dwelling in the desires of my heart, I am dwelling in the depths of depression and I will be fully honest here; I prefer pretending that I will be this famous writer, that I will meet David Tennant, that I will find love in this life than concentrating all my energy on the terrible things in life.

Don't you agree?
Posted on May 30th, 2007 at 12:23pm


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