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My friends and such always ask me why I admire and respect Billie Joe so much, and I've never been able to really express or explain why and understand it fully, which gave me the idea for this blog. So I'm just going to type why as I think of it, and maybe it'll help me to understand and explain it better to everyone else when they ask.

I mean, first of all, we've got the obvious musical talent. He's a brilliant musician. Alot of people will disagree with me and tell me he's only mediocre, but you know what? I disagree with their disagreement. People like to say his lyrics aren't that brilliant, but I just don't see how. They touch on so many subjects- important subjects, as well as just typical emotions. I don't care who you are, I can guarantee that there is at least one Green Day song they can relate to.

And, I mean- even some of his earlier songs are just absolutely incredible. Listen to the verses of One Of My Lies. Not the chorus- which is good- but the verses. If they don't get you thinking about things, and you don't find them at all meaningful or deep- then I don't know what's wrong with you.

People also like to talk about his guitar playing, and say he's not the greatest. He isn't, no- but they say this because of the songs he plays, and how they're mostly power chords, and such. That's the style of music that Green Day makes, that's the style he enjoys most- but just because that's generally what he plays doesn't mean that that's all he can play.

Plus, his voice is just so young and fresh- I never get sick of hearing it. Then there's the unique aspect of it. You hear his voice come on, and never can you confuse him for someone else, like you can do with so many bands nowadays. Current bands all seem to have the same type of voice, and I'm always like "Wait, which band/singer is this one now?" I can't do that there.

Now onto him as a person:
Don't try to deny it- he's one of the most incredible people alive right now. He cares so much about the people in his life, his fans, and even people he doesn't know. All the charities that he and Green Day are a part of is insane.

And what really had me awestruck was when he, his family, and the Whites went to New Orleans. That was incredibly inspiring to see them down there getting their hands dirty to help people who desperately needed it. Alot of people were saying he only did it for the cameras and to be in the limelight and get attention again, and I'm sorry- but those people are idiots. He did it because he genuinely cares and wanted to help. The reason there were cameras there was to get the word out about the cause and inspire people to help and want to make a difference. Argue it all you want, but you won't convince me otherwise. Because you know what? He gets his picture taken when he's just on vacation with his family in Hawaii. He doesn't need to go to New Orleans if he wants publicity, because he gets it for pretty much anything he does.

And onto the aspect of how he cares about his fans: How many times have we seen him prove this? If the security guards at a show are hassling the fans too much, he'll literally stop the song and tell them to knock it off. Even back in the Dookie days, and probably before, he's looked out for the fans. I recall watching a performance where the crowd was getting a bit rough, and he told them that just because there were cameras in their faces, that it wasn't a reason not to look out for each other. He's even been quoted as saying: "How many other bands stop shows if they see a kid falling in a pit? A lot of bands don't care about that. I want everybody to have a good time at a concert. I don't want anybody getting hurt."

Besides that, I remember on the Idiot Club a while back, an article was posted about how they were at some award show, and Danny Bonaduce was there, they showed clips of him freaking out and whatnot- Danny's daughter was there, and started crying because of it. He gave the little girl a hug and tried to help her feel better.

He also doesn't give a fuck what people have to say about him. You can insult him, the band, and try to bring them down, and it doesn't even phase him. He's still doing what he loves, and isn't planning on stopping anytime soon.

Sure, he and Green Day have done some things I don't agree with, like playing Idol, and I was upset about it. I still am. It made me lose respect for a bit, and it still kinda bugs me- but in the end as a friend pointed out to me- it was done for another good cause and to raise awareness about Darfur, which is great. There are better places it could have been done- but think about it... Idol is a huge show and was going to pull in a shitload of viewers, and that's a shitload of people who may not have known what's going on that have a taste of it now.

Not to mention, there's also the fact that his fame hasn't changed him and turned him into a stuck-up prick like it does to so many celebrities. If anything, he uses his fame for good and to impact peoples lives in a positive way. It's not all about drugs, groupies, and partying to him. I mean, I'm sure he does his fair share of partying, and he's not the little pothead that he used to be (Although I'm sure he probably does smoke pot every now and then, especially touring), and he's said himself that he's never been interested in groupies and never been with one in his whole life. That right there is an accomplishment and proves he's not some cocky rock star that thinks he's better than everyone. He's probably constantly got teenies throwing themselves at him, has access to all sorts of drugs and shit- and yet he's not some burnt-out druggie whore like so many rock stars and such have become.

So basically, people can hate on him, on Green Day, and me for this, as much as they want- but it doesn't change the facts. Billie Joe remains my idol and for good reasons. He's a brilliant musician and a fucking incredible human being. He's inspired me in so many ways, and as lame as this sounds... if I could grow up to be like anyone and looking up to anyone- it's Billie Joe, and I'm proud to admit that.
Posted on June 2nd, 2007 at 04:10am


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