Poems about Him.

I wrote these in the past week or so.
No big deal, I just thought GSB needed some Tori material.

Fucking Mondays
By Tori 5-23-07

What am I supposed to do
On this Wednesdays afternoon?
It’s been three days
Since the 5th anniversary
Of when you used to
Call me, skate, and on that one night,
You kissed me.

It’s been three days since Monday.
(Mondays were our days)
You used to make Mondays fun
Opposed to dreadful
But now they’re just
Pure Hell.

You’ve screwed me over twice
And broken my heart a few times
Shouldn’t that be enough to hate you?
I guess not.

I can’t even look at you the same
Knowing that I used to feel so strong for you.
I used to think that I actually
LOVED you.
I thought I might have
LOVED you.

But I guess you never felt that way
Since that stupid fucking Monday.

“I figured that.”
By Tori 5-23-07

Standing in the same spot on the playground
Where you held me in your arms
I know I should be over you
But I also know that I haven’t moved on.
You held me in your strong arms
And finally I said, “I like this.”
So you held me tighter.
(I was safe in your arms.)
I told you, “I like you.”
You never really said that you liked me back
But you smiled and whispered,
“Yeah, I figured that.”

That night
I’ll never forget it.
It’s damned to my memory forever.
(Obviously; Unfortunately.)
Because I knew you liked me.
I knew you reputation
And yet, I still waited for you to make the fist move.
But you never did.

“I figured that.”

By Tori 5-26-07

Looking away
I’m not afraid of much
Except for something fairly knew

I’m afraid
Of falling asleep.
Nightmares come
And when I cry myself awake
I realize
That it was real.

Seeing everything at a first time glace
Makes everything a bit more complicated.

Because half of the time
Nightmares are about everything.
And everything is what I’m afraid of.

And that

(This next one doesn't have to do with the previous ones.)

By Tori 5-25-07

Sitting here all alone
In a space where no one can see me
I wipe my tears
And walk to a place that’s not my home.

She said she was using
She said she was loosing
She said that she’s out of control.
She thought she could make it
She thought she could fake it
She thought it could be all over.
But she’s all over.

She knows what she did
She knows what she’s into
No one can forgive
Now she can’t get out of it

She’s in too deep
Deep in over her head
She wants to start over know
But it’s nearly to late.

She thinks she can sing to the music
She thinks she can clean herself up
And she thinks she can heal the scars on her arms.

(I hope she can handle it.)

I know that she’s using.
I know that she’s loosing.
I said she was out of control.

Posted on June 2nd, 2007 at 11:33am


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