Rant about weight and food and a promise.

I've been carefully watching what I eat, coz even though I’m tallish and skinnyish, my mum is shortish and fattish. And so I don’t want uncare and bad genes catching up with me. I don’t wanna turn into my mum =O

So yeah, I’ve been careful not to overeat and eat healthy food.
But every Wednesday, me and my mum and dad go to my sisters and her mum’s house. (Not my blood sister, just call her my sister) and we have pizza. I share my veggie pizza with my mum coz I’m the only veggie, and we have pizzas between twos.

But yesterday she weren’t there and I ate THE ENTIRE PIZZA by myself
And a whole box of potato wedges.

I’m such a pig... and I felt so sick when I got to bed... but I had to fight to urge to throw up. coz I had a problem where I kept being sick, and no one could work out why, we thought I was allergic to something (my mum thought I was bulimic. you see why I don’t want to be anything like her? she’s horrid)

And it stopped. As suddenly as it started. =D so I didn’t wanna be sick. as much as I loved the care and attention, proof that people actually care about be and were worried about my health, I DONT miss the hospital visits, the vomiting bile and the fact my mum said (and this is a fucking quote) "are you doing this to yourself?" I was so pissed off! I was vomiting up fucking orange squash, the only thing id dared to have for 2 days, my skin looked grey and I could barely move without fainting and she accuses me of bulimia!

So anyway, rant over. I’m gonna eat so healthy for the rest of the week. No crisps no chocolate no buying chips on the way home. I’m not gonna turn into my mum >.<

Sorry about the smiley’s… It was a blah blah, and then I thought, this should be in the blogs, really. So I pasted it into word and didn’t capitals and spellings.

If anybody, and I really mean it, if anybody has any kind of similar issues, hell, even if you ARE anorexic or bulimic, I’ll still talk to you without having a go. Coz weight is an issue. I won’t tell you that it’s terrible, I’m sure you’d already know its drastic measures. Body Image Disorder is sort of my specialty now. I’m nearly over it; I mean I’m happy to look like this.

Here’s the promise:
I promise to help, to the best of my ability, everybody who comes to me with a BID or SHS issue.

(If I swore in this, I'm very sorry, I didn't mean it. I know it's not allowed, and I don't think I did. I hope I didn't.)
Posted on June 7th, 2007 at 05:26am


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