This thread was created primarily to solicit suggestions

Hello, I just checked out Runescape while lurking on these forums and RSOF. A couple of factors led me to go away about a year and RS gold a half ago: Loss of interest when I went to play better MMO's (Dragon Nest, etc), being occupied with research (still am) and feeling jaded with RS generally. The last one seems to be what the majority of players are experiencing right today. But, I digress.

So I came back to Runescape after logging in and explored the game, purchasing an attractive Guthix and Zam armour sets in addition to my existing Sara set with some money I made through Treasure Trails as a one-time member. I was able to see the changes, one new F2P quest, Squeal of Fortune (which was a major controversy back then and was a big hit back then, the rofl) and titles. The SOF I find to be rather boring. Most of the valuable items are designed to be claimed by mems, not like they would put an old statuette of 5m in the reward.

It is now time to consider the question "What are we doing right now?" In my younger days, I was a fan of the usual clan warfare between the Wildy's two clans. Prior to the creation of the Gamers Grotto however, the majority of clans seem to be ones which require a commitment to the cause.

I'm not sure if I'll ever commit to joining a clan in a game like RS, seeing that more advanced games like Guild Wars 2 may become my main game. Although I would love to log off and join a clan for a few battles, it is not something I can do.

This thread was created primarily to solicit suggestions from other players on how one person could enjoy themselves without being part of any clan. This seems ridiculous because the MMO tag implies that you must have other players to have fun. I'm not certain if this is the case. When I was a novice, I remember being amazed by the sheer size of the world of RS.

Like most gamers, we are past the stage of being able to grind for hours on a single skill. If you value these skills, achievements are enjoyable. But, I was tired of levelling up after I reached 106. At a level of +1, it was just too much work.

It may be unwise to come back to the cheap RuneScape gold game as a nostalgic participant. You will probably receive the typical "If this game is not suitable for you, then look for another game that you like and to play it" Response. It's fine. It wouldn't hurt to get some ideas.
Posted on November 19th, 2021 at 10:36pm


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