No matter what you think of sex doll
This kind of inflatable doll is what people call it. This kind of doll is very easy to break and the simulation is not strong, but these sex dolls are extremely cheap, easy to store hair, and only need to simply deflate and inflate. After being inflated, the volume is close to that of an adult. The body is soft and elastic, but the skin is hard plastic. Male Sex Doll The body and limbs are relatively round, which cannot show the beauty of the human body. The shape is relatively rough and can only approximate the structure of a human being. However, once such inflatable dolls were launched, they were still loved by many men. Occupy a large part of the market with low prices. BBW Sex Doll Many people with the financial strength to consume higher-end products will ask the question whether these dolls can be more realistic, just like real people, and sex with sex dolls that are close to the real look and shape should be better than this.
You may be blushing and shy when it comes to sex dolls, but what you don't know is that sex dolls have become a huge market. Maybe someone around you is the owner of a sex doll. 160-169cm Sex Doll Once upon a time, a sex doll was a shady mail-order product, always smuggled in a bedroom drawer, under layers of clothing. But now, sex dolls are no longer taboo, they are packaged as sex toys to meet people's sexual needs and enhance their sexual feelings. The sex toy industry is estimated to have a global market size of £18 billion in 2017. £18 billion is a concept, roughly 10 times the size of the electric toothbrush market, and a little more than the global sales of microwave ovens last year.
No matter what you think of sex dolls, the age of artificial intelligence of sex dolls is coming to us, setting off a "sex revolution". Huge Breasts Sex Doll But at the same time, the arrival of sex dolls raises a host of questions, including ethical challenges. A research institute recently released a new report, which comprehensively looks forward to the development trend of sex robots in the next ten years.
Whether you can accept it or not, the era of sex dolls and the development of artificial intelligence is moving towards us and is quietly setting off a sex revolution. This will cause subversive consequences not only for people's emotional, love, and sexual changes. Big Butt Sex Doll Today, with the continuous development of sex dolls, it is very necessary to think about sex robots and their far-reaching effects.
Posted on September 29th, 2022 at 03:29am


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