What is a sex doll

After you've had sex, you might still be feeling exhausted or needing a break, and that's when the sex doll is forgotten in the corner. Or you bought a new sex doll, and you put it away for a long time. Lifelike Sex Doll Failure to wash the doll will accumulate various bacteria and microorganisms on the doll's skin, which will damage the doll's skin material, and may also infect the owner with fungal or bacterial diseases. In fact, sex dolls are just like us, they also need to be kept clean, and people who are not clean for too long can also cause bacterial infections. We can’t be lazy when cleaning sex dolls. Remember to clean the sex dolls after having sex. If you need to store the sex dolls for a long time, you have to clean them once, and then store the sex dolls with plastic cloth or boxes to avoid stains. excessive dust.

If you ignore the small details of the sex doll when buying or using it, it will seriously shorten the service life of the sex doll. When buying sex dolls on the platform, the first thing to do is to keep the doll's life in mind. Starpery Small problems that are easily overlooked, such as cracks on the doll's body, stains on the skin, falling off wigs, etc., are serious problems that can completely affect the doll, thereby shortening the life of the doll. This means that if you ignore these little problems, he won't be able to stay with you for long, so if you find any of these problems with your doll, you need to make sure to fix it promptly.

The above are the mistakes we have summarized about the storage and maintenance of sex dolls. Big Breast Sex Doll If these problems are avoided, your sex doll may last longer than expected.Hope your sex doll stays with you a little longer.If you love your dolls, please stop making the above mistakes!
If the skeleton of a sex doll uses a light alloy skeleton, then this sex doll is more elastic than a steel skeleton, not easy to break, durable, moderate in weight, high in strength, and light in weight. Realistic Sex Doll This is in line with both the practicality of the doll and the durability of the doll. Of course, sex dolls made of this material are also more expensive than traditional sex dolls, and they are worth the money. Now the alloy skeleton has been continuously popularized, I believe that all sex dolls will be alloy skeletons in the near future, and it will be cheaper and more cost-effective. Chubby Sex DollThe real-life silicone doll has a built-in ergonomic alloy skeleton, adopts a new ball joint structure, can be freely bent and positioned, and the range of motion of the joints can reach 85-90% of the range of motion of the human joints. In this way, the movement of the doll is more flexible, and it can be transformed into various sexual positions you want, such as kneeling, rear entry, riding, etc., so that you have a more soothing experience during sex. Basically, all sex positions and sex dolls can be achieved. If there are too violent bending and movements, you still need to pay attention, because no matter what material it is, there is a limit to how much it can play.
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