Why use a standing desk in office

The standing desk around today can help offset and prevent a sedentary lifestyle, a great way of starting 2023.
Even though we are not meant to sit around all day, most of us spend a large portion of our work life hunkered down at an office desk. Sitting down too long “ more than 8 hours a day “ as stated by the American Journal of Public Health, can not only increase the risk of chronic diseases by 10% to 20% but premature death as well.
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Many people spend a majority of their workdays sitting at their desks”while they work from home (especially during the pandemic) or at the office. They also sit while driving or taking public transportation, on the couch while watching TV, and at meals. As you’ve probably heard, all that sitting could be dangerous for your health: Research has associated prolonged sitting (aka“Sitting Disease”) with a higher risk of a host of problems, including heart disease and diabetes, certain cancers,and premature death. If you’re concerned about being too sedentary or if you feel pain after sitting for long periods, you should consider switching to a adjustable height desk. But that doesn’t mean you should stand all day, either. “Repeated, long-term exposure to standing also has been implicated in the development of serious health problems,” Chambers told us over email. She said that standing for the majority of your workday”as people in retail, manufacturing, and health care do”could lead to degenerative joint damage, muscle injury, and circulatory diseases such as venous disorders, increased stroke risk, and carotid atherosclerosis. So fixed-height standing desk setups”like many DIY kinds”aren’t ideal either if you’re spending long hours working at them.

That’s where a height-adjustable standing desk (also known as a sit-stand desk) comes in. You can quickly raise or lower your desk to alternate between sitting and standing throughout your workday, as our experts recommend. Researchers from the University of Waterloo who studied lower-back pain in people who both sat and stood at their desks recommend a sit-to-stand ratio between 1:1 and 1:3. In other words, you should sit and stand for equal periods of time each day, or, at the highest ratio, sit for 15 minutes and stand for 45 minutes every hour.

Using a electric standing desk can significantly reduce lower-back pain, according to Chambers’s analysis of 53 studies on sit-stand desks. However, the jury is still out on many potential benefits, and as with all science, researchers say more investigation is needed. If you’re looking to add more physical activity to your day, to lose weight, or to improve your brain power”supposed advantages that some desk manufacturers might try to sell you on”there’s no proof that a standing desk can do any of that for you. As a professor of pediatrics writes in an article for The New York Times, standing at a desk is not a substitute for exercise.

Beyond the potential health benefits of switching between sitting and standing, L shaped standing desk offers other advantages, primarily thanks to its customizability. An adjustable standing desk is also an adjustable sitting desk: If you find the average-height desk (29 to 30 inches) too high or too low, you can lower it or raise it so that you can sit more comfortably and ergonomically. You can program two different heights tailored to whether you’re wearing shoes or not. And as your energy and focus wax and wane throughout the day, you can choose to sit or stand according to whatever makes you feel more productive.

The small standing desk we’re recommending here represent the easiest way to alternate between sitting and standing”but they’re a significant investment. An alternative is a standing desk , which sits atop a standard desk and can raise your keyboard and monitor for standing or lower them for sitting. Converters typically cost less thanfull-size standing desks, but they don’t give you the ease of adjusting height with the push of a button, height memory presets, or much space to work with. If price is more important to you than those features, a converter is a more affordable option.

The transition from sitting to standing through the use of a adjustable desk with drawers is a scientifically proven way to help you practice a healthier lifestyle and be more present throughout the day. By standing 15 minutes every hour, you'll start to feel the benefits of a sit-stand lifestyle without having to ramp up your exercise regimen or commit extra time to working out. If you really want to maximize your movement, using a desk bike for 30 minutes is a great option.

Millions of employees have already reaped the benefits standing desks can offer. A study completed at the NHS determined that these desks reduced the time employees spent sitting while increasing their overall productivity and positive company culture. Similarly, an Australian study found that activity-promoting desks can improve employees' ability to pay attention, accomplish tasks, and even manage stress. Employees at various other companies have seen the same results. Apple CEO Tim Cook has ensured that all 12,000 workers at his new headquarters were issued their very own standing computer desk, and the government of Denmark has mandated that all office workers have the option to adopt a sit-stand work style.
Posted on April 7th, 2023 at 09:46pm


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