Which drinking cups are safer?

Drinking water is a major event every day. It is often said that water is the source of life. But if you don't choose the right drinking cup, it can lead to tragedy. There are plastic cups, thermos cups, glass cups, enamel cups, ceramic cups, and paper cups, which is the best drinking cup? Which cup should not be used for tea, milk, juice or carbonated drinks? We're going to find out today!

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Plastic cups
Plastic cup, is cheap, not easy to break, rich color modeling and full personality.But in fact improper use will exist a lot of harm. That's because plastic cups that are exposed to too much heat can produce chemicals that can harm you. And it's easy for bacteria to grow. The surface of the plastic cup may look smooth, but there are many small Spaces in the side, which can store a lot of dirt and bacteria. People usually clean the cups in a simple way, directly with water can not do a thorough cleaning and disinfection. Especially for someone who love playing the Internet, plastic cups are affected by the static electricity of computers and cases, which will absorb more dust, bacteria and germs. It will affect health if used for a long time So you have to change cups after a while.
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Colorful cups
Colorful cups are appealing, but it's best not to use them because there's a huge danger in all that bright paint, ?especially in the glazed cups. When the cup is filled with boiling water or acidic or alkaline drinks, the toxic heavy metal elements, such as the pigment, are easy to dissolve in the liquid. People drink the liquid with chemical substances, which will cause harm to the human body, and long-term use is easy to cause heavy metal poisoning.
Metal cups
Cups made of metal, such as stainless steel, are more expensive than porcelain cups. The metal elements in porcelain cups are usually stable, but they may be dissolved in acidic environments. Therefore, it is not suitable for drinking acidic drinks such as coffee and orange juice
Porcelain cups
The first choice to drink water without color glaze coated ceramic cups, especially the inner wall to colorless. Not only the material is safe, can withstand high temperature, and relatively good insulation effect, drinking hot water or tea is a good choice 
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