Elden Ring Rune Farming Guide

In Elden Ring Runes, your XP and Cash are changed into Runes, which is the basic in-game currency. This guide can tell you the techniques for fast XP Farming in Elden Ring.

How to Start Farming Runes in Elden Ring

Unlike additional games, you are unable to immediately begin XP or Rune farming in Elden Ring. Instead, you have to progress slightly before you can begin farming. You must first travel north which just begins XP farming to level up fast.

Then, you ought to specifically reach Gatefront on the north. Be cautious of the enemies ahead, as the area is practically always teeming with soldiers. When you arrive at the location, browse around for the Site of Grace and get connected to it. This will bring you with an NPC named Melina, who'll ask you if you wish to convert your Runes to Strength.

You must accept her offer now because doing so will become the XP/Leveling process in cheap elden ring runes. When you’ve finished this, you’ll have the capacity to use the level-up feature while resting in the Site of Grace. Aside from that, the Spectral Steed Summon can be acquired here. This is Torrent, your horse that can help you in combat which enables it to help to travel around fast.

In addition, in case you return through the night and check out the Church of Elleh, you will come across Renna, a witch. We inform you to do so because she could grant you the capacity to summon specters to help you out in battle.

How to Farm XP Fast

In search of some quick and easy runes? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. There are a few solutions to farm runes in Elden Ring, but killing opponents is in no way the most efficient and quick approach.

Then you will find the Golden Runes, which can be likewise reliable and effective supplies of XP in Elden Ring. To extract the bucks from the golden runes, have used them from your inventory.

Golden Runes can be found in skulls with shining eyes, simply destroy them and acquire the Golden Rune. Graveyards and Overworld Tombs are fantastic spots to watch out for Golden Runes.
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