Genshin Impact: Where To Buy And Farm Mint

Mint is often a valuable material you may gather in Genshin Impact accounts. You use it for recipes, Requests, along with in-game events, so you need to have a large supply at hand at all times.

One of the greatest uses for Mint could be the Parametric Transformer because putting exactly what in to start the task will reward you using a smattering of tier-one Talent Books. Mint could only be bought from merchants, nevertheless, it will turn up all over Teyvat in healthy quantities.

This guide is updated to boost readability and make certain all the information inside it is up to date.

Where To Buy Mint From Chloris

Generally speaking, mint comes in almost every part of Teyvat. You will naturally encounter this item with the time to scout around and understand it when you see it. There are several locations where mint primarily grows, areas are large and incredibly general. Long story short, mint is everywhere in Northern Mondstadt.

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First, it is best to search the Stormbearer Mountains, located Northeast of Mondstadt city. These mountains are filled up with high-level beasts which enables it to be tricky to traverse.

To demonstrate how prevalent it's, try using the HoYoLAB Mobile App and firing up their Interactive Map function. Here is an illustration of this mint you may collect around the east side of Mondstadt.

In addition on the Stormbearer Mountains, you need to go around the sides of Brightcrown Canyon and Stormterror’s Lair. These areas may also be fairly tough to traverse, therefore you must complete several story missions before exploring Stormterror’s Lair. Once you do, there is certainly plenty to get here when you explore carefully and keep your eyes peeled. Just head Northwest of Mondstadt city.

As you always explore, you can find new areas including Liyue, Inazuma, and Sumeru. Mint comes in all of these places. When you unlock Liyue, it is possible to complete a quest that unlocks the Serenetea Pot as well as a seedbox, permitting you to grab mint seeds from gathering nodes and planting them inside your garden.
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