Fergie: 6-20-07

Aha. Okay so, It was supposed to start at 3:00. We got there at 2:00, there were like a 100 people there. We got into the side center, in the middle. Right where those little bars are? I don't know how to describe them. XD

So yes, there was this bitchy women complaining that she didn't get in the front when she had a wristband on, and her and her kids and friends were all laughing and shoving each other. Atleast the security guard caught her recording the show and stopped her :]
But, I was right next to her and he didn't even see me. o_o AHA!

Then, Fergie was about an hour late. I thought she would be wearing skimpy [Or whatever] skanky, clothes but she was fully dressed, baggy pants, big t-shirt, and her hair was down. XD What took her so long if she was like that?

So yep, She opened up with Glamrous. Big girls don't cry. She then ended with Fergalicous XD

And then everyone tried to go into the Verizon store, trying to find her. XD It was hilarous. It was outside in the parking lot, btw. Since it was free and everything :]

I got a picture of her tour bus and everything. It fucking pwned. XD Except for the part where I was leaving, someone grabbed my ass o_o But overall, it was a pretty good concert :] Even though it was only three songs.
Posted on June 20th, 2007 at 07:13pm


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