How to move sex dolls effectively?

In order to protect the soft skin and sensitive parts of the sex doll during the move, it is recommended to first remove the Kleine Sexpuppen as much as possible if the sex doll has a removable head and limbs. In addition, before moving, put on appropriate clothes and socks for each part of the sex doll, or wrap the entire body in a towel to avoid damage to the exposed skin. If you have prepared for the move, we recommend the following methods for transporting sex dolls currently available in Mature Sex Doll shop for daily use:

Human mobility

This method is like hugging a sex doll face to face. First, you need to place the sex doll against a wall (you can also only stand if you have the stand function installed). Then, place your hands under the Torso Masturbator Mature Sex Doll arms and wrap your hands tightly around her back. Lift the sex doll firmly against the chest, make sure the sex doll's feet are off the floor, and then move it. Be careful not to let the sex doll's head and limbs collide with the surrounding furniture and walls. This method is suitable for sex dolls that are small for you and may be more difficult for you if the Realistic Mittelgroße Brüste Sexpuppen is the same size or larger than you.

Bridal carrying
This method is like the groom capturing his bride in a wedding photo. You need to start by holding the sex doll in a sitting position, then raise her arms, bend down and put one hand around her back, then put her hands around your shoulders or neck. Place your other hand through the back of the Asiatische Sexpuppen knees and slowly use the strength of your legs to raise yourself up until you can stand upright and move. This method allows you to clearly see the obstacles around you and avoid colliding with damaged sex dolls, although it requires more arm strength.
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