Dorsal camel position

This method is like having a sex doll on your back. Here too, you must first keep the sex doll in a sitting position. Then lift your hands up and spread your legs wide enough so they can wrap around your waist. Then squat between the Sexpupper legs and place her hands double on your shoulders so that her chest is pressed against your back. Your hands need to go through the backs of the sex doll's knees and pull her back by her butt. When everything is ready, lean forward slightly and use the strength of your legs to slowly stand up until you can move. This method requires the same skill as bridal carrying, but is slightly less powerful than that.

Loan of instruments

Removable office chairs
Borrowing a removable office chair or similar chair from home is a great way to save energy. Simply hold the Fette Sexpuppe in a sitting position, place it on the chair and move it around. However, it should be noted that some sex dolls are physically difficult to sit on, such as: B. the mature sex dolls, and they tend to have a clumsy body, resulting in a heavier upper body that makes them prone to falling over. In this case, you will need to attach the sex doll to the chair with a string or other object, being careful not to tie it too tightly as this may in turn damage the surface of the Hentai Sexpuppen .

Logistics warehouse trolleys are a very professional choice and very practical for Echte Sexpuppen of any size if you own this tool. All you have to do is hold the sex doll in a standing position with your arms facing down, gently secure it onto the cart, and then tilt the cart backwards to move it. The carriage will support the weight of the sex doll and move smoothly. However, be sure to choose a cart that is the right size for the sex doll, as a cart that is too narrow can also cause the sex doll to fall.

How can I choose sex dolls that are less difficult to move?
If you have difficulty and frustration in moving a life size sex doll after considering the above methods, then we can recommend the Small Luxus Sexpuppe and Torso Sex Dolls which are much less difficult to move and offer a similar sexual experience. They have the same soft skin and realistic vaginas as the real sex dolls and are significantly smaller in weight and size so that they can be easily picked up by an adult. If you still prefer real sex dolls, you should consider the lightweight sex dolls that have been introduced by several brands recently, which offer less weight and a better experience than traditional dolls. Also read our blog: Can you recommend light sex dolls?

Once you decide to live with a sex doll, moving is inevitable. This may be a problem for you because of her weight, but there is no denying that you will have more joy and happy memories of your life with a sex doll. If you know how to move your sex doll, you can solve this problem of living with a sex doll.
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