Are Promise Rings Sets Just for Couples?

Since centuries, Matching Rings have been traded. Their history dates to prehistoric times where a promise ring was meant to solidify a pact--between two people or between two people and God, or even between cities and the sea!

Around the 17th and 16th centuries promise rings were a popular symbol of love or friendship. This tradition has continued through the years. Many people are confused about the meaning of promise rings during the 21st century due to the rise in weddings and engagements.

Are promise rings only for couples? Not at all!

These days, promise rings are mostly, but not exclusively, exchanged by romantic couples. The fact that a couple is able to exchange rings for a promise doesn't guarantee that the promise will be romantic.

Every promise is unique, so your promise ring could have multiple implications. Take note of these points for each degree of commitment.

Kinds of Promise Rings

What commitments do you want to make? The greater the commitment to make, the more valuable the engagement ring.


A ring doesn't always mean love...or marriage. Couples may choose to make use of a ring as a symbol and showcase eternal friendship and an emotional and spiritual bond that cannot be broken. Rings can be exchanged between friends, and maybe worn in the right hand.

What to buy: The best friendships don't require an impressive grand. Simple, elegant bands can suffice. A twist or faceted piece of an unique metal (pictured on the left) provides a modern appearance. An intricately engraved band is perfect for those who are a fan of vintage designs.

Future Engagement

Through the ages Promise rings were typically used to promise that they would be engaged in the near future. This was often considered an engagement ring pre-made that was meant to showcase the seriousness and authenticity of a marriage. A promise ring may still be used as a guarantee of engagement, however the person who gives it should make their commitment clear.

What to buy: Promise rings that signify pre-engagement should be less formal than an actual engagement ring. A thin ring with the smallest solitaire diamond is understated in its beauty and clearly shows your determination to take your relationship to the next level. Pick a unique material like rose-gold, to differentiate it from a genuine engagement ring.

A Lifetime Commitment

The marriage vows are becoming less popular for millennials who are taking longer to be married. For couples who are unsure or ambivalent about marriage however want to express their love for their partner the promise rings can be traded to convey this meaning. When using promise rings to show the commitment of a lifetime the couple should both wear a ring.

What to buy The matching rings are excellent engagement rings. A simple band adorned with diamonds can be used also for these rings But why not make the rings as extraordinary as your relationship? You can engrave words and other signs of love to add a personal touch to any ring. And the more personal, the better.

Fingerprint rings are among the most popular examples. It's not just romantic have your partner's fingerprint engraved on your ring, but it also serves as a constant reminder that you and your partner are in a close relationship.

Another Promise

The significance of a vow ring could be a mystery to all other people besides the couple. The rings may have more meaning for the spiritual or may be a promise hidden from view that is just too important and personal to be shared with other people. There are no limits to what a promise-ring should or be able to symbolize to a couple.

What to Buy: Use your senses to guide you. Any of the styles above will work as long as it allows you to remember and keep the promise you made.
Posted on March 31st, 2024 at 07:26am

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