Essential PUBG Tips and Tricks Every Player Should Know

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation. It doesn't have a traditional narrative, but the game is set on various fictional islands where up to 100 players parachute onto the map and fight to be the last person or team standing. The game is inspired by the Japanese film "Battle Royale," and it emphasizes survival, strategy, and skill. When you embark on your journey, mmowow can lend a helping hand when you need help.

Basic Game Modes and Types:

PUBG offers several game modes, including:

Solo: Every player for themselves.
Duo: Teams of two players.
Squad: Teams of up to four players.
1-Man Squad: A solo player against squads.
Familiarizing with the Basic Game Interface:

The game interface includes several key elements:

Health Bar: Indicates your current health status.
Mini-Map: Shows your location and the surrounding area.
Inventory: Displays your items and equipment.
Weapon HUD: Shows the weapons you're carrying and the ammo count.
Familiarizing yourself with these elements will help you quickly assess your situation during gameplay.

Pre-Game Preparation:

Before starting a game, you should:

Customize Your Character: Choose your character's appearance.
Select Your Game Mode: Solo, Duo, or Squad.
Check Your Gear: Ensure your character has the appropriate clothing and cosmetics (purely aesthetic).
The Concept and Importance of Parachuting:

Parachuting is your entry into the game world and is crucial for determining your initial position and strategy. Proper parachuting allows you to land quickly, grab weapons, and avoid crowded areas where early fights might occur.

Parachuting: Detailed Execution:

Choose Your Landing Spot: As the plane flies over the map, open your map and mark your preferred landing area.
Jump from the Plane: Press the jump key when you are over your desired area.
Control Your Descent: Use the movement keys to guide your descent. Hold forward to dive faster or backward to slow down.
Deploy Parachute: The parachute will deploy automatically at a certain altitude, but you can manually deploy it earlier for more control.
Land Quickly: Aim for rooftops or open fields to land faster and avoid immediate confrontation.
Switching Perspectives: Importance and Method:

In PUBG, switching between first-person (FPP) and third-person (TPP) perspectives can greatly influence your gameplay.

Third-Person Perspective (TPP): Offers a wider field of view, useful for observing surroundings and spotting enemies without exposing yourself.
First-Person Perspective (FPP): Provides a more accurate aim and is better for close-quarters combat.
When to Switch Perspectives:

Aiming and Shooting: Use FPP for better accuracy.
Observing and Moving: Use TPP to keep a wider view of your surroundings.
Practical Method:

Toggle View Key: Use the designated key to switch between perspectives. This is typically bound to the 'V' key on the PC.
The Concept of the Mouse Wheel:

The mouse wheel in PUBG is used for switching weapons quickly and cycling through items in your inventory. This allows for rapid response during combat and quick access to necessary equipment.

Rapid Item Looting:

Open Inventory: Press the inventory key ('Tab' on PC) near the loot.
Drag and Drop: Use your mouse to drag items from the loot window into your inventory.
Quick Loot: Use the 'F' key to pick up items directly from the ground.
Vehicles: Locations and Usage:

Vehicles can be found in various locations across the map, usually near roads, towns, and garages. They are crucial for quickly moving across the map, escaping the shrinking play area, and outrunning opponents.

Marking Locations on the Map:

Open Map: Press the map key ('M' on PC).
Set a Marker: Right-click on the desired location to place a marker.
Communicate with Team: Use the marker to coordinate with your team and plan your movements.

Detailed Guide for PUBG Players
Quick Vehicle Exit and Destroying Enemy Vehicles:

Quick Vehicle Exit:

Default Key: Press the ‘F’ key on the PC to quickly exit a vehicle.
Timing: Be cautious of your speed when exiting. Jumping out at high speeds can cause damage or even kill your character. Slow down the vehicle to a safe speed before exiting.
Destroying Enemy Vehicles:

Shoot at Tires: Disabling the tires makes it harder for enemies to drive.
Explosives: Use grenades or Molotov cocktails to set the vehicle on fire.
Continuous Fire: Focusing sustained gunfire on the engine area can make the vehicle explode faster.
Risks of Being Too Close to Walls:

Movement Restriction: Staying too close to walls can restrict your movement and make you an easy target.
Camera Issues: Your camera angle might get awkward, limiting your field of view.
Grenades: Enemies can throw grenades that might get stuck and explode near you if you’re too close to the wall.
Rooftops: Concept and Advantages/Disadvantages:


High Ground: Rooftops provide a vantage point, offering a better view of the surroundings and strategic advantages.
Climbing Rooftops:

Ladders: Use ladders or stairs when available.
Jumping: In some buildings, you can jump from balconies or other structures to reach rooftops.

Observation: Better view of enemy movements and loot spots.
Defense: Easier to defend a position due to height advantage.

Exposure: You’re more visible to enemies from a distance.
Limited Escape Routes: Escaping can be difficult if surrounded.
Recommended Weapons to Keep:

Assault Rifles (AR): AKM, M416 “ Versatile for both close and long-range combat.
Sniper Rifles: Kar98k, M24 “ High damage and effective for long-range engagements.
Submachine Guns (SMG): UMP45, Vector “ Excellent for close-quarters combat.
Shotguns: S12K “ Devastating at close range.
DMRs (Designated Marksman Rifles): SKS, Mini 14 “ Good for medium to long-range fights.
Avoiding Position Exposure:

Sound: Avoid unnecessary shooting, driving, or running.
Visibility: Use cover and concealment (bushes, buildings) to stay hidden.
Movements: Move carefully and avoid open fields.
Battle Strategies:

Early Game:

Loot Quickly: Focus on gathering weapons, armor, and essentials.
Avoid Conflict: Engage only if necessary to survive early confrontations.
Mid Game:

Positioning: Move towards the center of the safe zone.
Engage Tactically: Take fights you are confident of winning and avoid unnecessary risks.
Late Game:

Final Circle: Position yourself in strategic locations with good cover.
Play Smart: Use grenades and stay aware of the shrinking zone.
PUBG Mobile UC (Unknown Cash):


Virtual Currency: Used in PUBG Mobile for purchasing in-game items like skins, outfits, and crates.
Usage Examples:

Crates: Spend pubg-mobile-uc to open crates for rare cosmetics.
Passes: Buy Royale Passes to access exclusive missions and rewards.
UC Management:

Early Game: Spend UC on essential items that give you an immediate advantage.
Mid Game: Save UC for limited-time offers and events.
Late Game: Use UC strategically to complete your collection or acquire rare items.
Importance of UC:

Customization: Allows for personalizing your character and weapons.
Status: Owning rare items can be a status symbol within the game community.

By understanding these aspects and strategies, players can significantly improve their gameplay experience and increase their chances of winning in PUBG. Good luck, and may you achieve many chicken dinners!
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