Essential Building Knowledge for PUBG Players: A Guide to Structures and Strategy

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a popular battle royale game developed and published by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole Studio. The game was inspired by the 2000 Japanese film "Battle Royale" and features an intense survival experience where players fight to be the last person standing. When you embark on your journey, mmowow can lend a helping hand when you need help.

Game Story and Background
PUBG does not have a traditional story-driven campaign. Instead, it creates a narrative through its immersive environment and survival mechanics. The game takes place in a variety of fictional locations around the world, including the Russian-inspired island of Erangel, the desert map Miramar, the tropical island Sanhok, the snow-covered Vikendi, and the dystopian cityscape of Karakin. Each map has its own unique atmosphere and environmental storytelling elements.

Basic Game Modes and Types
PUBG offers several game modes:

Solo: Players fight against each other, with the last individual surviving as the winner.
Duos: Players form teams of two and fight against other teams.
Squads: Teams of up to four players compete against other squads.
Custom Matches: Allows players to create their own games with specific rules.
Basic Game Interface Familiarization
The game's interface includes:

Main Menu: Here, players can select game modes, customize characters, access the inventory, and check their rank.
Map: Shows the current position, safe zones, and areas to avoid.
HUD (Heads-Up Display): Displays health, armor, equipped weapons, and ammunition count.
Inventory: Allows players to manage their gear, including weapons, health items, and other equipment.
Minimap: Provides a smaller, more immediate view of the surrounding area.
Preparation Before the Game
Before starting a match, players should:

Customize Loadout: Choose appearance and equip any earned outfits.
Understand the Map: Familiarize yourself with the map you will be playing on.
Formulate a Strategy: Plan where to drop and potential routes to take.
Voice Communication: If playing in Duos or Squads, ensure voice communication is set up for better coordination.
Buildings and Their Importance in the Game
Buildings play a crucial role in PUBG, offering shelter, loot, and strategic advantages. Choosing the right building to hide in can determine your survival:


Appearance: Usually single-story with an open space for vehicles and often an attached small room.
Location: Found in various places across maps like Erangel and Miramar.
Significance: Provides vehicles and cover from enemies.
Fake Garages:

Characteristics: Look similar to real garages but lack the vehicle spawn point.
Difference: No vehicle inside, often fewer loot items.
Identification: Check for the absence of a vehicle and the layout of the surrounding area.
Maze Buildings:

Appearance: Complex, multi-room structures with numerous hallways and staircases.
Nickname Reason: The intricate layout makes it easy to get lost, hence the name "maze."
Strategic Advantage: Good for ambushes and hiding due to the confusing layout.

Characteristics: Large, open buildings with high ceilings, often found in industrial areas.
Loot: Typically contains weapons, ammo, and health items.
Significance: Easy to loot quickly due to the open layout but provides limited cover.
Finding Garages and Differentiating Them
Garages are common in areas like Pochinki, Yasnaya Polyana, and Rozhok on Erangel. To find them:

Map Familiarity: Learn the common garage locations.
Visual Cues: Look for the distinct open vehicle space and the small attached room.
Fake Garages can be distinguished by:

Absence of Vehicles: No vehicle spawn point inside.
Loot Quality: Often contains less valuable loot compared to real garages.
Identifying Maze Buildings
Maze Buildings are found in urban areas. They:

Appear as large complexes: With multiple entry points and interconnected rooms.
Benefit: Their labyrinthine structure makes them ideal for losing pursuers and setting traps.
Warehouse Characteristics and Resources
Warehouses feature:

Large, open spaces: With plenty of room to move around.
Loot: Usually contains high-value loot like weapons, ammunition, and medical supplies.
Strategic Positioning: Often located near other key structures, making them good starting points for further exploration.

Introduction to Building Characteristics and Loot in PUBG
PUBG (PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds) is a game that involves strategic planning and knowledge of the in-game environment. Knowing the characteristics of different buildings and the types of loot they contain can greatly improve your chances of survival.

Glass Houses

Appearance: These structures are often rectangular with large glass windows on multiple sides.
Visibility: The glass walls provide good visibility both inside and outside, but they also make you visible to enemies.
Strategic Use: While glass houses offer excellent scouting opportunities, they provide minimal cover due to the transparent walls.

Glass houses usually contain a mix of mid-tier loot, including:
Weapons: SMGs, shotguns, and occasionally assault rifles.
Ammunition: Various types suitable for the weapons found.
Medical Supplies: First aid kits, bandages, and sometimes energy drinks or painkillers.
Satellite Buildings

Appearance: These buildings are typically identifiable by a large satellite dish on the roof or nearby.
Structure: Often multi-story, with a clear line of sight from windows and rooftops, making them good for sniping.
Strategic Use: Satellite buildings provide excellent vantage points and cover, but be wary of ambushes due to the multiple floors and entry points.

Satellite buildings generally offer a higher chance of finding:
High-tier weapons: Assault rifles, sniper rifles, and DMRs.
Attachments: Scopes, extended magazines, and grips.
Medical Supplies: Med kits, energy drinks, and painkillers.
Recommended Melee Weapons
In PUBG, melee weapons can be crucial for close-quarters combat and stealth kills. The most recommended melee weapons are:

Reason: It not only deals significant damage but also provides protection when equipped on your back, as it can block bullets.
Reason: Effective at close range and faster to swing compared to other melee weapons.
Actions That Can Reveal Your Position and How to Avoid Them
Potentially Revealing Actions:

Shooting: Firing a weapon reveals your position on the minimap and attracts nearby players.
Movement Noise: Running, especially on noisy surfaces like metal or wood, can give away your position.
Using Vehicles: Vehicles are loud and can be seen from a distance.
How to Avoid:

Use Suppressors: Attach suppressors to your weapons to reduce noise.
Crouch or Prone: Move slowly to minimize noise.
Limit Vehicle Use: Use vehicles sparingly and abandon them before reaching high-traffic areas.
Melee Combat Strategy
When engaging in melee combat:

Close the Distance: Use cover to approach your target without being seen.
Surprise Attack: Strike when the enemy is unaware or engaged with another target.
Aim for the Head: Melee weapons do more damage with headshots.
Use the Environment: Corners and tight spaces make it harder for the enemy to escape your attacks.
PUBG Mobile UC (Unknown Cash)

PUBG Mobile UC is the in-game currency used in PUBG Mobile to purchase various items and upgrades.

Cosmetic Items: Skins for weapons, outfits, and vehicles.
Crates: Purchase crates that contain random loot.
Battle Pass: Buy and upgrade the Royal Pass to earn exclusive rewards.
Usage Strategies:

Early Game:
Cosmetic Upgrades: Spend UC on basic cosmetic items to enhance your appearance.
Mid Game:
Crates and Royal Pass: Invest in crates for a chance to get rare items and upgrade your Royal Pass to unlock better rewards.
Late Game:
Exclusive Items: Save UC for limited-time offers and rare item drops.

Customization: UC allows you to personalize your character and gear.
Advantage: Better visual appearance and exclusive items can boost your morale and in some cases, provide minor tactical advantages.
By understanding these aspects of PUBG, players can better navigate the game's environments, make strategic decisions about their actions, and effectively use in-game currency to enhance their experience.
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