My Other Half

Sam I love you. As plain and as simple as that should be, it isn't. You are so much more than just a friend. You are my best friend, my brother, my boyfriend, my other half. We balance each other out so well, you force me to laugh when I want to cry, you can make my giddy and care free personality appear, I can make you act your age, I can get you to actually be serious. Needless to say we are complete opposites. When I first meet you I actually couldn't stand you. You were just so annoying and loud, always jumping around and making stupid jokes, the things that I've come to love about you. And then when I was forced to be around you, ugh. I thought I would go insane. You were always hitting me and grabbing my's how you showed your affection I guess. You stopped though, mainly because I got pissed off and yelled at you in front of everyone. Hehe. I don't know how, but eventually you became my best friend. Bonding over our hatred for Cherie probably helped. (By the way you know we're going to Hell for that right? XD) I can't put into words how special you are to me. I mean, we did everything together. Do you remember last July when we went to see the fireworks? Do you remember how you had to pee and we had to walk a half mile to find a bush for you that was away from all the people? And then when we were walking back to the high school lot we saw Mr. Broshar! He never did exactly like you... Do you remember when we bought all the sex stuff out of the machine at the gas station?! Haha that lotion was tingly. And then you blew up the condom and I put it under my shirt and it popped!! Then we put it outside of that kids house! Or the time we went to Speedway and stole all the cookies and chips. And then we saw the Green Day buttons and they just...slipped..into your pockets. Remember that time we went in the hippie shop and you stole me that necklace? I'm wearing it right now. Do you remember when I called and asked to meet up with you once I had finished my counseling session? You were standing out there, with your ipod, listening to music, just standing, waiting for me. I never loved you more than in that moment. God Sam we've done so much together. Hahaha do you remember the salty marshmellow stuff at the Chinese buffet place? And throwing olives?!! Do you remember when we went to the fair? Or when we found the cart in the parking lot and I hopped in and you pushed me around in the rain? Given you did make me fall twice and I was scared to death because you were going so fast...but it was sweet. And I did have an allergic reaction to the weeds you made me fall in, but it was still sweet. And when we went to the park when it was pouring down rain, we got so soaked. You accidently pushed me into a puddle! Then you sat in one to make it fair. That was one of the best days. I couldn't believe it when you said you were moving, partly because you lie so much, and partly because I knew it was true. I can't make you stay, I know that, but I really wish you weren't going so far away. We barely see each other as is, now we are going to be farther apart. I don't know what it is about you, but you just make things so much fun. You have the best personality, you really do. You're just always so upbeat, and pretty obnoxious. We share too many memories, I couldn't possibly write them all down, a lot of which only you and I understand (like the biiiiig telescope =]), but they are with me, they always will be. Sam I love you so very much. I don't know how to express it, I think it's something only you and I can really understand, yet we never have once discussed it. But it's there, that love. Things are going to change, for the worst unfortunately, but I know that I'll never loose you. After all we still have to buy our floating islands and take them to Oakland!

*this is not about anyone on this site*
Posted on June 21st, 2007 at 08:46pm


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