Wow I was held by Ted Grant as a baby

You probably don't know who he is but he was a British Trotskyist politician, sort of like the leaded of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

He died quite recently to when I only just found out who he was.

Me parents meet him in The Militant, it made me think about how I come from a Socialist background.

What my dad said about him on goggle Groups 

I am sorry to here of the death of Ted Grant. I first met him about 15
years ago, and he struck me as a man who had genuine beliefs upon which
he was not prepared to compromise. I found him to be a person dedicated
to the goal of a world which gave equal opportunity to all, regardless
of race, gender, or social background. Something many claim, but fewer
actually believe. He was a very serious (miserable) old sod, but I
could see his compassion when he held my new-born daughter in his arms.
The world has lost a good man, but there are others out there!

ps. Sorry, I haven never written to any group before, but this man had
a real impact on me.

Just makes me think about life, death and what you can do with your life while your still here.
Posted on January 25th, 2007 at 09:57am


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