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So obviously you know what this blog is going to be about. I felt it was time I paid my respects to this fabulous site known as - aka, GSB.

I joined GSB later last year before the site had undergone changes. How did I come to find this site? Well, every time I went on the school internet I would look up Green Day's biography on wikipedia, trying to aosk up every little trivial fact about them that I could. Every time I went there, I saw the link to GSB. I never clicked it, unsure of what the site could possibly be.

Until one afternoon I clicked it. And I was in awe of its...well, awesomeness. I didn't join however; just merely browsed through it's Green Day articles and such.

But the time had to come for me to join. I don't know why I joined - maybe I felt I had to explore the site some more. So, joining with the username _della_rulez_ after my old horse, I got to know GSB a little more.

I met some fabulous GSBians through the good old journals. I began to write a made up story based upon a character who gets to tour with Green Day - and soon my parents even came to reocgnise the graphics on the page after having seen me spend all my internet time there.

And with the change to new GSB, I met so many more people. Somehow, the new GSB allowed people to interact more easily - profiles could be decorated, comments could be left and best of all, we had blogs. Sure, we had no journals anymore - but in my opinion the blah blahs were a good replacement.

Best of all, GSB allowed me to talk about Green Day nonstop if I wanted to. I could release my Green Day trivia on the quizzes and laugh at the funny things people would post on the message boards. I submitted some of my fanart and allowed the Green Day world to see it.

All in all, GSB is like another home.

So, let's take a little tour of GSB, shall we?

We begin with the home page of good old GSB. Here, you can keep up to date with Green Day through the constantly updated news section.


And to your right, you will see a snapshot of some the fabulous articles written to only expand your knowledge of a certain band. [Kudos to the article writers - particularly Kurtni :] ]


You will also see a link to the message boards, a worthy place to talk to board addicts just like yourself.


With the toolbar to your left, you will see the world of GSB with a click of the mouse.

^^ With these links, feel free to read biographies of anything Green Day, find some interesting dictionary terms and research the deeper meanings of your favourite songs. See photos that make you regret missing their concert so much, or alternatively, that make you wish you could just reach out and stroke Billie's shiny guitar.

Here, you can play Green Day related games, or browse through the magnificent graphics created by those talented little GSBians. Or you can shuffle through the memberlist in hope to find your future Green Day soulmate.

Now here we come to possibly the most popular and debtable areas of the site. Right now you find yourself in the blogs - a place where I have learnt so much about issues facing our society today.

And the blahs. Now this area of the site has been home to some controversy. At first, people on the new GSB whined about its replacement of the beloved journals, but soon adjusted. But then came things such as censorship and the deletion of both the tagboard and the blahs themselves. However, it does seem as though GSBians have come to accept the little asterisk replacing certain letters. Despite these issues, the blah blahs allow everyone to interact and meet new people.

And here we come to an end of our marvellous GSB tour. Here you can choose your template if you are bored of the default one [mine being the American Idiot template], visit the message board or play the new GSB game to find Whatsername.

All in all, GSB is like a second home for me. Not only have I met people who are almost like best friends, I have got into so many other bands that I probably never would have heard of had I not come here.

Long live Green Day, and of course, long live GSB.
Posted on July 1st, 2007 at 09:45pm


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