This blog was inspired by Meg & Molly. I have been reading slash for some times and decided to share it with Meg. And yesterday Meg showed me some slash (which was more hardcore than anything I have given her, but she is forgiven). And then Molly arrived and called us perverts. Smile

Ivana and I have destroyed eachother's innocence totally - meg.

What is slash? UrbanDictionary provides me with this answer: Genre of fanfiction involving pairing two male or female characters together. Thats quite correct. I like reading fanfiction because it makes me giggle. Some stories are really beautifully written and a nifty enjoyment. But I couldn't read fanfiction without coming across some slash. Of course my disturbed mind didn't run away from it. I have read every more or less gross story and I have seen every more or less gross art I have been presented with. A couple of them completely killed me, but I never stopped reading some slash. Is slash considered porn? I am not sure on the legal base if it is, but fatherless it is all over the Internet, on and Livejournal communities. Some people find it highly distasteful and some don't have a problem enjoying nice erotic stories. I read it and I am not ashamed to say, but I know that if my mom knew what I was doing she wouldn't be that happy. But I don't think of it as something unhealthy. We all have dreams and imagination. Everyone has imagined at least one kinky situation involving two (or more) characters either from real life, show-business, TV shows or books that don't have a relationship in any of those examples. I sure did. Well slash is basically imagination in words or in art published on the Internet. Do you know that the first slash stories were ships between captain Kirk and Spock in the last 70s? I mean how nerdy is that. Its really nothing new. I personally read Harry Potter and House MD slash (Jeeves & Wooster sometimes), someone else likes slash that covers different areas. You read about your favourite band members, tv series or book characters etc. No one of those drawn or written things are going to happen. McFly members aren't going to have group sex, doctor House isn't Wilson's secret lover and Draco & Harry aren't going to marry in the 7th book. Its acceptable because its only imagination. Besides, everyone has a free choice to read it or no.I think i am going to finish this rant with a little cliche...

A girl has a right to dream, right?

Posted on July 2nd, 2007 at 03:43pm


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