Hear my whine.

Read this if you wish, if so, be aware it will probably boring. Wink

Holy crap, I swear my English teacher and French teacher's are so immature. They are so godamn young. They are in their 30's, and they UGH. I dunno.

Today in english, she was handing out sheets of paper, she only handed them out to random people, 10 I presume. So I was one of them, and on my sheet said Quicky,. Riight. So basically what we had to do, was make a sentence with the words. The people with the words would go up to the front and then they just stood there, agreeing to what the other people said, where to go so the sentence made scense.

Half-way through, I turned to my friend Ryan and started to chit-chat with him. All good, and then I turned around to face the board and saw that the scentences she wrote up on the board were basically rubbed off from our backs. So as a joke Ryan and I erased two letters. OMFG NO FLIPPING WAY TWO LETTERS? Kill me now. The two letters are gone. Vanished. Holy crap.

Okay, so as I was erasing the board the teacher saw me and said;
"What are you doing?"
"Uh, erasing a letter?"
"Why? You have no right to erase the letters."
"They were basically erased anyways. You would of had to re-write them."
*Silent* "So?"

Yea I know I sound like a bitch, but honestly, she would of had to re-write them. And she did. She erased the whole thing and re-wrote it.

I HAVE ONE NEW RANT. If you care to read it, be my guest. if you don't, skip this then. And please critisim is welcome.

11. People who are obsessed with themselves. Their hair, their body, their this and that. I mean, I see girls who are skinnier than me, and all they eat for lunch is a salad, or one cookie. And then they complain "I'm so fuuull," I'm like, "What the hell?! You ate one cookie. How the hell can that make you full? Unless it's the side of a friggin' hamburger, eat something." Or, when their perfect godamn hair blows in the wind. OMFG NO WAY, IT BLOWS IN THE WIND. Okay, everyone stop doing what your doing to stare in awe and gasp as the girl freaks out on her hair. Omg, a strand of hair is in your face. OMG WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO? Idiot, don't freak out over nothing.
Posted on January 25th, 2007 at 11:05pm


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