I have this friend.

A few days ago I went to a friend's party. She invited this girl that I have been friends with for a while, but that day that gril who was invited really made me think if I consider her a friend.
The party was going good, but this one boy started picking on me like he usually does and that girl just laughed, she also ditched her best friend to run off with the boys, plus she also went to a place where she knew she wasn't allowed to go with these boys.
She made alot of the girls quite angry with her for her selfishness, rudeness and the way she was acting. This girl has always been like this though. For instence last year she went out with this boy who picked on me constantly, so one day after school he called me some foul name which really hurt me and the girl well guess what all she did was laugh and that made me real angry.
My mum dislikes this girl a bit to, cause my mum is always saying ''Hello, how are you'' trying to be nice to her and all this girl does is either ignore her or speak rudely to my mum.
The girl, she is funny and out-going but she does annoy me and make me quite upset sometimes. I don't know if she is exactly ''friend'' material.
But she is best friend's with one of my close friend's and I don't want to loose that relationship with her over a girl who is quite frankly two-faced.
This may sound mean to some but sometimes I wish she never came to Tamworth.

I don't know what to do, if to keep been friend's with her or not?!
Please help me by telling me your point of veiw!

x.X.x casey-maree x.X.x
Posted on July 23rd, 2007 at 07:55am


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