My friends getting wasted!

I may be over reacting but a few days ago I realised two girls and a guy that I am friends with have been drinking alchol at school with this other girl. This girl called Codie would sneak it in other drinks, where she would then bring it to school and call Tayla, Madii and Timothy over so they could all drink.
I found out about this on Tuesday but I left it until yesterday where Codie brought some wine to school. They drank it near where me and my friends sit, this made me feel really worried for their safety.I decided to ask the teacher where I could find our year advisor, she wanted to know why so I told her.
She told me to go directly to the dupty's office and report it!

I went there and I had to write down everything I knew.
A few teachers came in and asked me some questions where they then told me to go back to class as they thought this been a serious matter.

As the bell rang for lunch we never saw Tayla but we heard from Tim that they might be getting suspended!
I felt bad that I might be the reason they are getting suspended but then I thought ''No, I did the right thing".
Timothy and that told me they heard someone told and that they were angry at who ever it was, this made me feel weird but yeahh.

Now, Timothy is suspended for 4 days and so is Tayla. Tayla also got her phone taken off her whilst been band from the computer. Codie is apperently suspended for 28 days and Maddi finds out what her suspension is tomorrow.

Was it the right thing to do, cause I feel guilty because if I never told none of their suspension would matter and they could move on with life.
I need to know..WAS IT THE RIGHT THING?!
Posted on August 4th, 2007 at 06:49am


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