Ketchup Bottles and BBQ sauce...

ray = ketchup
bob = mustard
mikey = mayo
gerard = apple juice
frank = bbq sauce

***all contents based on items in fridge. any reocurrence of actual events in this story is just based apon the author's imagination. thank you, enjoy!***

Ketchup bottles & BBQ sauce...

ray woke up to the sound of the fridge door openning. "BOB DAMN IT! CLOSE THE DOOR!" he hollered. "Frank! have you seen gerard???" ray asked in curiosity.
"yeah thats why the light came on! some blonde kid grabbed him!" frank replied
"SHIT! but hes almost all gone! what happends when he runs out???" ray yelled
"well i guess...garbage?"
"yeah thats where you go when you die.... i think"
"BOB! WAKE UP !!! Gee got kidnapped!" mikey whined.
"gummy bears...mhmmm" bob said in his sleep.
"FUCK BOB! this is no time to fantasize aboout GUMMY BEARS!"
"GET THE FUCK OUT!" bob yelled.
"mhhhmhmhm but bob! i dont want to... this is the eggs carton any way why are you sleeping here?" frank asked.
"because they help keep me cold! thats why!" bob explained.

after long confrintations on who was actually leaving the fridge to save gerard they decided that ray and frank work best and that not as many ppl would miss them if they died with gerard.
"but ill miss me.. " frank whispered to himself.
bob went upstairs to the freezer and grabbed some ice cubes. he returned to the fridge and taped them to ray and frank with some extra tape that was on him that read "BOB".
"Off you go!" bob said coldly.
"what?? but its SO hot out there!" ray complained.
"exactly. thats why you are going and not me!" bob said laughing at the joke he just made.
"i hate that guy..." ray thought to himself.

they slowly opened the fridge door in fear that they might find that blonde kid torturing him. or maybe a dog... or somthing they were just scared.
frank snuck a peek.
"dude there he is!" he whispered to ray.
"oh but hes so high up there!" ray whispered back to him.
"help... me..." gerard cried.
"okay heres the plan.." frank started before the blonde kid came into the kitchen. but this time she was with two other giants..
"hey Ringo look ! frank and ray escaped! who taped ice cubes to them????" zo said to ringo.
she walked over and picked them up. she took the ice cubes off of them. she set them on the counter next to gerard and started to play with them.
"hello gerard =] " zo made frank say.
"NO i wanna be frank!!!!" ringo cried.
"fine! then im ray!" zo yelled.
"yay im gerard" maria , the other kid, yelled.
"you know what!!!?? FUCK YOU! JUST PUT GERARD BACK! HES GONNA DIE!" frank yelled. [the bottle]
"AHHH!!!!!!" ringo yelled launching frank across the kitchen.
"what the fuck did you do that for?!?!?!" ray yelled.
"AHHHHHHH!!!!" zo yelled dropping ray on the floor... where he spilled.
"are you okay ray??!" gerard asked.
"AHHHHAAHAHAH!!!!!" maria yelled.
"no... im bleeding gee...i dont think im gonna make it.." ray replied

in the end the three giants returned them all to the fridge .. except ray. who died on the scene.


Posted on August 18th, 2007 at 08:10am


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