American Schools vs Uk Schools

I have never been to an American school but I've seen plenty of films/mtv/sweet 16/MADE that explain the different groups. They all tend to have this big guys with amazing hair and dazzling eyes and they tend to be called Jocks. Then there's the skinny girls that can do back flips and shout random letters that spell out the school's name and they tend to be called cheer leaders. I've heard some people call them 'populars'. There's the outsider and I suppose most people on here fit into that one , just because the whole dressing differently and the music scence. Nerds geeks and so bloody on.
I suppose most of this comes to the fact you get to wear what you want so you can express your selves in different ways.

In my school (Bryn Tawe Welsh Comp) we have a uniform and I suppose you can't really express your selves with your uniform. Plain navy jumper with the school logo , white polo shirt and black shoes and trousers. Natural hair colour and no jewellry and blah blah so on. But the students in my school try and copy some of the 'gangs' from the American schools.
There's a compitition that happens with all welsh schools , it's called and Eisteddfod. Singing, dancing, writing, art, instruments , and there's loads. Someone can fit in somewhere. But the dancing groups. There's clog dancing, welsh folk dancing and then there's disco dancing. This is where this girls who think they are diamonds from the moon come and show off their dance moves and carrying their Jane Norman bags around the school thinking they own the place. This is where they try and become the 'cheer leaders'. The make up and the whole popular go us kids thing just doesn't work. They just live in their little happy land.

If I were to go to an American school I would probably be an outsider. (If what I hear from poeple on GSB and on TV is correct) If people knew I went into mosh pits and listened to Green Day, My Chemical Romance and Nirvana I would probably bee stufed into a locker.

It's funny seeing some student in my school try and copy the trend from the American school's.

I could say I'm popular because a lot of people know me. My brother is in the year below me so a lot of people from that year know me and I've been in some drama productions and I have red hair. So people tend to know my name. I'm a nice person so most might even like me.

It's weird how school's can be so different. It scares me.
Posted on August 27th, 2007 at 01:59pm


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