"This is the end for you my friend" [//my fresh start.]

--I was lacking in creativity, hence the lyrical title from Anti-Flag--
Now, if you have read many of my other blogs, you know about how torn up I've been over my ex.
I'm finally really starting to get over him, all because of one person. [Hence the title. Like, directed at my ex and the feelings I have/had for him.]
Anyways, this new guy-his name's Zero. And he really is astounding. He's 22, four years older than me, which may make my parents freak, but I really don't care. They've already met him, and they seemed to like him, so hopefully the age difference won't make them flip.
Zero is like, an old-school kind of punk, mohawk, Misfits, etc. He and his dad are a lot alike, which I think is cool.
As far as my relationship with Zero goes, it's been really great thus far. He's nothing like my ex. He doesn't smother me, or freak out when other people call when I'm with him. I don't think he'll ever put me through the same things Daryl did. Like, with Daryl, I always had to comfort him...not so with Zero. And he knows how completely screwed up mine and Daryl's relationship was, because my roommate told him when I wasn't around. He's told me he's not going to rush me into anything. And I've even told him some stuff Daryl did, like telling me not to talk to my guy friends, and he was blown away by the ridiculousness of it. He always tells me how cute I am, and last night he just randomly was like, "You make me really happy."
I just wanted to share this with everyone...I know some of my friends on here have been going through a really rough time, with kind of the same thing as me, and I guess I want to offer hope to anyone who's down-things do get better, and you will get what you deserve one day. I don't have a feeling of permanence with Zero, and for some reason, that's fine with me. If he doesn't stay around forever, I'll be okay, because I have fun with him, and he makes me happy. Even if I don't get to keep this, at least I [hopefully] won't have any bad memories of him.
Posted on September 4th, 2007 at 10:09pm


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