I call this a "serious subject"...not politics. As Americans, you have the right to EDUCATE YOURSELVES about the state of your own country.

I go to a hippie school of sorts...and we have a rather rigorous college prep program there. While filling out the survey this morning, I found myself ranting on one question in particular and decided to post it.

I've never seen myself as a political person, but this morning, I decided that it was crucial to post. Arm yourselves, kids. Knowledge is the most powerful weapon we have these days. Education is the most powerful tool we have to defend ourselves again the evil brewing in our own US Oval Office. I'm not a hippie or a conspiracy theorist...I'm just a person who is very fucking frightened and I'm begging you all to take heed, tell your friends, family and anyone who will listen.

Education is NOW. Forget about George Washington, forget about every frivilous thing you've learned in school. History is HERE and NOW. Education is HERE AND NOW. Look to the past as a guide, but don't get too wrapped up in it. We are in a state of crisis NOW.

Here's my answer:

"5.3. What world problem or issue bothers you the most and why? Do you have any solutions?

The world problem that bothers me the most is the amount of censorship, distraction and secrecy that occurs in the US media. It is a scary thought that American media might be tailored to distract us from the real issues. Instead of focusing in on chip implants, the impending North American Union and the Real ID Act, the public is being distracted with images of Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton and Owen Wilson. We have been taught to be more interested in celebrity lives than our own when our personal liberties, constitutional rights and privacy is at stake. It is a delicate time in history with talk of terror, the Middle East and the Iraqi war is flying from all angles with a hundred different spins on it. Is it better for us to surrender our privacy, “better safe than sorry” in a sense?

Or are the real terrorists our own government officials? It’s something to be considered when we are storming into other countries starting wars over weapons of mass destruction that were never there, abandoning the initial objective of searching for Osama Bin Laden and relegating that focus for an entire revamp of Iraqi culture, arguably in the name of oil and profit. War is an extremely profitable time for a country since our central banking system is set up in such a way that our economy is constantly in debt. In advertising war, creating an enemy and gaining support from a terrorized public, America can be the most prosperous it’s ever been in wartime.

It is clear to me that the media, the media that our government has tighter control on than ever, is the real terrorist of society. No one has seen the video of an aircraft crashing into the Pentagon. One would think that it would be an image as prevalent as the World Trade Center towers falling, bodies dramatically dropping from windows and dust exploding outwards…but no. This important video has been kept private while we are told to be content with images of police chases, stories of rape, murder and celebrities’ personal hurdles.

It is time that the American public takes the media back from the terrorists, our own news stations, our own government and reports the stories that are actually relevant. The FACTS of what is happening to our public, our country, eventually our PLANET should be a hot topic. It is time that we are educated about the things that affect us daily, the things that will continue to affect us, our own nation and government. It is time that the American public takes matters into their own hands and starts reporting and educating on the things that really matter."

Thank you for reading. Tell a friend. Tell whoever will listen that they're being pulled into the biggest scam in history. We need to WAKE UP.

- Johnny
Posted on September 6th, 2007 at 12:31am


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