the holy IT as seen by a beat kid in the REBEAT generation as held dear by Kerouac.

On the Road (the original scroll) might just be my favorite book of all time. maybe i love it because i'm in IT so much. maybe i love it because i, myself am beat and just ready to sell everything i own to know myself better and figure out what in the hell really matters. number one is music. you can't hold music and music doesn't provide a stable job, but it is IT and it always will be IT and it has been IT for years as evidenced by Kerouac. the good 'catholic buddy'. what a riot. seriously, though, this book is just.. holy holy holy.

who needs to be productive when you can find faith and get IT? isn't that being productive? isn't living in every moment and keeping in motion productive? we're all such sociopaths and separate these days... it's ridiculous. fuck it, this cycle needs to stop because i for one won't have it any longer. people are MEANT to drift, we have legs, they're for walking, we have immunities, they're for BEING EXPOSED TO LIFE AND NOT BECOMING ILL. too many people are becoming ill in the world because of this sterile little ant farm we live in. goddamn, people! leech off of someone, let someone leech off of you, fuck what some stuffy little old man in a nice suit TOLD YOU TO DO TO BE A "CREDIT TO THE COMMUNITY". i'm not talking about anarchy, i'm not for that kind of randomized aggression and violence.

instead, this is a testament to your faith. no God required. this is me saying: take the room to get out there and find out what it's all about without society dragging you back into the fray. fight tooth and nail to get out of the line of fire, the dust cloud of confusion that we live in now so you can have one moment of silence or toe tapping or whistling that helps you understand exactly what you NEED. our society is creating too much noise and we're too goddamn apathetic about it! We need to be hotter under the collar and say "yes, friend, yes! let's smash in our TV and put some froot loops in it! it'll make the room more palateable!" We need to stop being such SELF OBSESSED PSYCHOPATHS. some people have forgotten how to share or what empathy is. I'm an introvert, i can't share anything but the space that my body doesn't occupy is for everyone as is my heart unless it's somehow devastated. my head can be a private space. a bathroom can be a private space.

private spaces are just fine. the issue i have is with the monsters we've made, the people CRACKING under the pressure, the people that think it's just fine that kids are SHOOTING UP SCHOOLS AND THERE ISN'T ANYTHING WRONG WITH THAT???! YES. there is something TERRIBLY wrong with that. and it starts with us. we live in such confused whirling dervish times that we need a rest. we're beat generation deux. we need a breather to figure out exactly what we as individuals hold holy, what we need and what we desire out of our short time on this earth. maybe we have several more short times on this earth. i'd like to believe that. reincarnation would be an IDEAL for me.

without further ado, an excerpt from On the Road:

(pg. 152) "Ah, child," said Allen. "We'll just have to sleep now. Let's stop the machine." "You can't stop the machine!" yelled Allen at the top of his voice. The first birds sang. "Now, when I raise my hand" said Neal, "we'll stop talking, we'll both understand purely and without any hassel that we are simply stopping talking and we'll just sleep." "You can't stop the machine like that." "Stop the machine" I said. They looked at me. "He's been awake all this time listening. What were you thinking Jack?" I told them that I was thinking they were very amazing maniacs and that I had spent the whole night listening to them like a man watching the mechanism of a watch that reached clear to the top of Berthoud pass and yet was made with the smallest works of the most delicate watch in the world. They smiled. I pointed my finger at them and said "If you keep this up you'll both go crazy but let me know what happens as you go along."
Posted on October 17th, 2007 at 11:59pm


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