The End Has Almost Come (written in 2006)

The end has almost come. Another year gone. Another year wasted? No. Not this year. This year has been different. I grew up. I've learnt to forget the past and walk into the future and live it. Live it wise. Live it with people that love me. Not hate me.

I may not have had boyfriend to snuggle up to on the cold days and have a water fight with on the warm, but I had my friends. Either online, GSB or the ones in school and close to heart. Now that, I wouldn't trade for any guy.
I've gained and lost so much this year. The loss of my grandfather and a possible friend. Gained a closer friendship witht he best girl in the world. The best friend anyone could EVER ask for. That's all you need really. A good friend and some awesome people to hang out with and have a great laugh. (and chocolate)
I can't say this has been the best EVER. It has definantly been one of the best. I can't pretend tears never fell and anger didn't take over me and led me to shout things I didn't mean or did mean. The falling out of a friend and the words "hate" buried deep and hurt. Hurt more than a thousand knives. Nobody understood. They still don't now, but I think things are on the mends. (I hope)
The good times have stayed in my mind this time. Concerts, shopping trips, sleepovers, parties, music. It has been a good year.
But right now I am sat here in front of my lap top with green letters appearing everytime I press a letter and these letters turn into memories, a message. Maybe even a lesson.

Dear Reader. I hope the good times from 2006 stay in your mind as well.
Dear Reader. I havn't cut in a year.
Dear Reader. Miracles can happen.
Dear Reader. Let this be a new start to something new.

Sparky x.x.x.x
Posted on February 5th, 2007 at 11:38am


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