Why Does She Do It?

My friend at school,she has a boyfriend right and me and my 2 other friends are always getting ditched by her,its not just with her boyfriend either. Yes,maybe she wants to socialise but just the way she goes about things isn't very nice.She is rude,demanding and she puts on an act infront of boys!
Once my friend tried talking to her about it but she turned around and said she didn't care.
It doesn't seem like a huge deal,but I don't appreciate being ditched for some guy that isn't going to be in her life in 4 years time! The boy is nice and all but yes?
I may be over exaggerating but I considered her a good friend,but this year has changed her attitude alot.
It annoys me how she acts all dumb infront of the boys or when you tell her something she'll pretend not to notice.
One day I swear I will loose it and knock her flat on her ass. I bet a sound violent and paranoid,but as I said I considered/consider her a good friend.
To be honest I reckon I need time away from my group at school. As much as I care for them it's just sometimes too much. Somedays one of my friends has mood swings she changes her attitude so quickly and get pissed of easily.
The thing is,is that I want to take time away but scared of what they'll say when I try to come back in!
I just need some advice as to what to do!
Posted on November 10th, 2007 at 02:20pm


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