Well, I am getting what I wanted.

If you've read my previous blogs you know who Daryl is.
And you probably know who Zero is as well.

I broke up with Zero over the weekend.
He'd turned into a huge jerk. I don't really want to discuss it so we'll just leave it at that.
Another reason: I hung out with Daryl on Friday night.
And he confessed that he still has feelings for me.
So on Saturday, he broke up with his girlfriend and I broke up with Zero.
[Daryl and I also hung out Saturday night. Very Happy ]

We're going to take some time apart, he has to get a job and stuff before we actually get back together I guess. Once he gets a job, he'll get enrolled in school again and have a car. It sucks not being with him right this second but I figure I've already waited for him for 4 months, what's a couple more?

Pretty much, I'm really happy.
I know I said a lot of not-so-good stuff about him, but honestly, all I've ever wanted was Daryl.
And soon enough I'll have him again.

We've both matured a LOT since we broke up. He used to get mad over stupid stuff, and check my phone, and things like that. He told me he doesn't even remember why he'd get mad. And that he's not going to check my phone anymore.
I believe him.
Some people have told me I shouldn't, but I don't care...
I trust that things are going to work out for us this time.

So here's to my new beginning...
Posted on November 13th, 2007 at 06:08am


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