The Mighty Boosh <3

I was going to put this under "TV shows" but this is waaay more to me than that,
It's a part of my life.

Without this show I'd still be as messed up as I was this time last year - Noel Fielding in particular showed me that it's good to stand out and I shouldn't hide from the world.

Without this show I wouldn't have as many wonderful friends - I met Molly, one of my best friends from a Boosh forum and found out we lived 5mins away from each other. I met Izzy when she said she liked my Boosh t-shirt, and Kate, the most ownderful person and my best friend, I have no doubt we'd still be friends if I hadn't found out about the Boosh, but since I did, obsessing over the slashy goodness has made our friendship so much stronger!

Without this show I wouldn't be anywhere near as confident - It was the Boosh that helped me settle in at school, someone asked me about my bag and and before I knew it I'd made a friend. From then I've learnt people aren't at all scary and I shouldn't hide in a corner, and without my Booshy bag I might not have r ealised.

Without this show I wouldn't have liked the same amazing stuff as I do now. - Ok, I still do love Green Day, My Chemical Romance and Kill Hannah, but now I've found out about Robots in Disguise (<3) IAMX, Dead Dog in Black Bag, Nemo, The IT Crowd, Gary Numan and many other wonderful things.

Without this show I wouldn't have had so many wonderful experiences - I wouldn't have had so many happy times in toymaster, I wouldn't have gone round town dressed as Old Gregg advertising Boosh, I wouldn't have been to my first ever gig and my parents wouldn't be considering letting me go again, I wouldn't have been to Camden and now be allowed to again, I wouldn't have found my love for youtube and I wouldn't have had so much fun just watching a TV show.

Without this show I wouldn't be HAPPY - the most important thing that I've got out of Boosh is that I took a good hard look at myself and realised just how screwed up I was. I realised what was important and I learnt to love who I am. I have my friends, I'm getting my schoolwork on track, I have amazing experiences to look forward to, so what could be better??

IFL these guys, they've done more than make me laugh once a week for half an hour, they've totally transformed me :]
Posted on November 20th, 2007 at 11:24am


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