It's good for you.

So... in case you weren't aware, Christmas is most definitely in 28 days. I'm overly excited about it, as I am every year. And that's one thing that's been under my skin and I must get it out.
Christmas is a time for love. Plain and simple. So, don't taint it with a bad attitude. If not for yourself, do it for the people around you. This time comes once a year and hating beautiful lights, a fat guy in a red suit, candy, and possibly snow is really not doing anyone any good. It amazes me how many people I know take so much for granted.
There are so many people out there with nothing. I'm not talking about Darfur, or some distant 3rd world country. I'm talking about a couple miles from you. In the cold, they wear the coat they did last year. For food, they pray the food shelter doesn't run out of food. And then there are people who complain about how their mom won't let them do this... or that this boy (or girl) doesn't like them... or that they're such an outcast. If you can shower every day, buy new clothes at least twice a year, eat 3 meals a day, and don't get blisters from the holes in your shoes that are open to the concrete, let me tell you, you're not an outcast.
It's sickening.
People don't have food.
They don't have parents to get mad at.
They don't have a home to want to leave.
Stop complaining. For once, think of someone else. Don't be so selfish.
When you pass flowers in the middle of the day, appriciate their color. If they're closed, know that they are for a reason. That things in this world are perfect, even when they don't please you. Know that every step you take is a puzzle piece and that there is a solution. And when you see the sun, feel it. Know that without it, you'd be nothing. Breath in it's warmth and know that for some, that's all the warmth they get. And then, when it rains, know that the earth is getting a drink of water. Everything happens for a reason. Everything is special. Everything is amazing. So stop treating it like crap. Please.

Posted on November 28th, 2007 at 04:36am


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