Moments Like These

Think about your life. Now think about the defining moments.
...I'm sure this may take a moment.
Try and really think about it. What specific moments and events shaped you? What made you who you are now? What happened?
And why, exactly, are you not the person today that you were a year ago?

I've had quite a few of these sort of moments, especially in this last year.
I've fallen in love. I've been left. I've been hurt, I have hurt other people. I don't expect this cycle to change any time soon, but it is more than just a cycle. It has been a series of moments. These moments, are specific. I could tell you exactly what happened to make me fall in love. To make me hurt. And it wouldn't just be, "Oh, this day/week, blahblahblah." I could tell you the exact moment it began, the exact moment it ended. I could tell you what I was thinking, feeling, saying. Maybe it's just because they changed my life. Or maybe it's because history repeats itself, and I know that something like these events, if not the exact same, will happen to me again someday.
Think about tomorrow. What's going to happen? The truth is, no one knows. You can have a plan, an idea, of what you're going to do, but realistically, the odds of the day going perfectly...are very small.

Life is a series of moments, a never-ending chain of events.
Just think about that.

Do we live for moments that change us, or do we live because of them?
Posted on December 6th, 2007 at 11:46pm


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