Multitude of Reviews- Bands/Artists

I'm... bored.
So I've decided to pick out some bands from various genres to share with you and hopefully influence you to listen to xDD
so... here it goes.

Thrice- They're a less-discovered band with a multiude of talent. The lead singer can scream, and just that. Not a whiney mix of scratchy screaching, and not a gutteral earth crumbling wail. They don't scream all the time though, and there are some where there is none. The instrumentals are often simple powerchords, but there are times when it gets more technical. I like to call them a grunge alternative, but their newest album has more of an electronic taste than the others. Still, it's mostly the three combined.

Iron and Wine- Quite frankly one of the most amazing men ever. Sam Beam is Iron and Wine. He sings and plays the instruments in all his songs. I lable him folk/acoustic. That's basically what he is. His voice is a light, airy, peacful release, and all of his instrumentals are only an accent to this. The lyrics are beautifully written and could often bring people to tears. His most noted work, however, you may be familiar with. He covered "Such Great Heights" by The Postal Service. It premired on an m&ms commercial.

Mewithoutyou- One of the most unique bands I listen to. The lead, Aaron Weiss, doesn't sing in any of his songs. He simply, speaks. His voice projects through the music, and is often, quite often, I might add, more fufilling than a melodic idea of something sung. It's loud, a little raspy, and, like the poet he is, emotionally packed with feeling. I reccomend this fresh take on the new alternative.

Joy Electric- The name gives this one away. If you're a fan of electronica, and you haven't heard Joy Electric, please do so, by all means. The basis of an electronic "band," in my opinion, is the talent of those who operate it. Every part of the songs by this artist is done so precisely and musicly that every song I hear is catchy and sticks with me. Immensly original, and extremely independent, Joy Electric will turn even the biggest haters of techno music into fans.

Fort Minor- Most people know this group for it's lead singer. It is in fact the lead singer of Linkin Park, in his side band. However, there are considerably less rock elements in Fort Minor, than in Linkin Park. Fort Minor is definitely more of a rap group, and a darn good one at that. They eminate the very thing that rap is founded upon- catchy songs. Most of their songs you'll find yourself singing hours after you hear them. Most notably, their big, recent single was "Where'd You Go" and a very sad, beautiful, and talented song that anyone can relate to.

I hope if anyone took the time to read this they found it informative. More on another day, perhaps!
Posted on January 13th, 2008 at 03:20pm


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