There's a fine line between love and hate

For the rest of your life you will always remember your first love. No matter how hard you may want to forget or you may still be friends with that person but will never forget it.
Lately I have been having issues with a guy from my school who happened to be the first guy that i thought i loved. In the beginning i thought that he was the most amazing person i had ever met. He was cute, funny, nice and he actually listened to what i had to say. and it didn't hurt that he was pretty much Billie Joe Armstrong's twin. (which once again made me fall in love with him more because i was at my peak of my Green Day obsession at the time.)

well...time went on and i found out he wasn't the person that i thought he was. He changed and even started treating me diffrently...truth be told i didn't like it.

well that was 3 years ago.
It hurt that he put me through so much but i still can't get him off of my mind. We don't even talk anymore but the other day he "accidently" bumped into me in the hallway at school and gave me some little smirk like we were still friends.
Just that little bump made all those feelings come back and i HATE that.
I want to forget him and move on but I just can't.

I hate him but I still love him.

I feel stupid for being like this....
Posted on January 25th, 2008 at 06:28pm


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