My Letter to You, Josh.

Hi! My name is Elizabeth Puglielli and I'm from Boston, Massachusetts! Josh, you were one of the first singers I really ended up liking after all these years. I even remember watching the Grammy Awards the year you filled in for Andrea Bocelli. Celine Dion was my idol at the time but a connection grew when I heard your voice. I only remember asking my mom, "Who is this guy, mom? He's cute." Hey, I was only 9. But from that moment, I fell in love with your angelic pipes and your passion. Since then, I've bought all your albums and all the sheet music to go along with it. OMGyes Your God-given talent, style, charismatic features, and loving personality are what make you known and loved all over the world. You have a support system the size of a continent and that's a great thing. You are a true singer in my book. You may laugh, or be a little scared, but I am just so proud of you.

My admiration for you is beyond belief. You see, as a little kid, I had terrible hearing problems. I had 70% hearing loss in one ear and a bigger loss in the other ear. I had to go through several operations in which little tubes were places in my ears so I could hear well. They did work tremendously after my second or third surgery. My parents were very scared that I may have had to go to a speech therapist because of a potential speech impediment and how bad everything really was. However, this 16 year old now pulled through stronger than ever. Just writing this to you, I remember being three years old, standing on my fireplace and singing my own made up lyrics (because I couldn't hear) to Aladdin's "A Whole New World". Ha. I think that because I'm telling you this, it brings you closer to me as a fan because you are an admirable person who understands so much and your voice simply takes my breath away. =)

I am also a singer myself. I've been singing since before I could talk. This is no joke! Every night in my crib, my parents told me that I would hum the tune of Jeopardy and my parents would listen to me from the baby monitors. Ha. As a fellow musician, I make music a part of my life and my daily routine. Every Saturday, I spend my whole day being classically trained at the New England Conservatory in Boston. It is professional, but usually those organizations are. It's gratifying. I've sung in many choirs and we traveled several times. Not only do I sing, I play piano and flute in my high school band. Music I personally think makes me stronger in my individuality. Because I have a voice, I want to share it with the world!! I'm not afraid to just be myself and I think that's one of the most beneficial factors for performing on stage. To be quite honest, the only time I'm truly comfortable is when I'm singing in front of people and making others happy. I mean, of course I'm social but I really bring that factor out 100 times more when I'm walking on the stage and energy is just being channeled all over the room. Of course you would know, you do this for a living! I really hope to pursue a singing career, even if I have to become the next American Idol to achieve this dream!

I really hope you've enjoyed this lengthy letter and hearing the blueprint of my life. Oh and I apologize if this is taking time off your busy schedule. Once again, I'd like to say that Josh, I truly speak for every fan when I say, I love your voice and just you as a person. I wish only the best for your future success. I love you Josh!
Coolio It's lame but usually die hard fans of Josh are. lmfao
What do you guys think?
Posted on February 7th, 2008 at 12:17pm


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