An Ode To Illinois


Oh, Illinois.
How does one describe such a state?
In one week of March you can get enough rain to flood streets and highways.
And then on Tuesday it will freeze over.
For the next 3 days it will be icey and cold.
It may snow 2 feet.
But then on Friday it will be a nice 65 degrees.
And there will be mud.
So over the weekend, it will dry.
And then on Monday the weather man will be wrong.
Some days when it's humid-
or just really foggy-
or just any day in particular-
you can smell the soybean factory.
You see, that's what we do here.
We farm.
Corn, soybeans-
So instead of smelling the dew, the wet grass, or the clean air
you smell processed beans.
For fun, you've got to check out Lincoln's tomb.
his library,
his home,
his depot,
his pew,
his law offices,
or even the capital building.
Trust me-
we live it up there all the time.
It's where the cool kids are at.
did you know
in Illinois,
you can see for miles.
Look out over a cornfield
and the horizon is truly the ground
wherever it may end.
And you grow up knowing the world is big
and connected
not because a textbook told you
but because of Illinois.
Posted on March 28th, 2008 at 11:57pm


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