Have you ever....

wanted to help someone so badly but just can't?

Like example, my friend and I were at a party and he just walked away, he looked so depressed like I was going to leave him there and never come back. I wanted to take him in my arms and just hug him so he knows I'll always be there.

It's difficult to try to help someone when they don't think they need help at all. And when they don't even trust you, even though you've done all you could for them is frustrating because you're constantly on your toes about how you could be a better friend but in fact they push you away, saying there's nothing wrong.

Or even worse, when a friend starts ignoring you because they think your life would be better off without them. It makes me want to cry (I know it seems like it's all about me but in fact this is bothering me so badly right now) because when you honestly and truly care about someone you want to be their best friend for life and trust each other but when you can't do that, again, it just makes life harder.

I don't know if you think this is a rant but honestly it's not, have you truly ever felt this way? Like you could do something to help but in fact, after all you've done for the, you still feel useless?

It seems like just being a friend isn't good enough anymore, you can't just talk to them, you can't just hug them when they cry, it's the whole "you scratch my back and I scratch yours" now, that's not true friendship, that's... a business deal.

I miss whenever just helping your friend by being there was good enough for most people instead of "if you do this I'll do this for you."

Anyone else agree?
Posted on May 18th, 2008 at 01:58am


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