"I Am" Abstract Poem

Okay, so last year for my English Class, I wrote an "I Am" poem for the poetry unit during 2nd quarter. It's a culmination of everything pulled from my childhood, to the abstract natures and rejuvenations of my well-being. It's very metaphoric but explains what I'm all about and the things in between. Enjoy

I am from country music,
from the Lysol smell in the family room.

I am from playing Fur Elise on the piano
and a public pool in my neighborhood.
I am from the smell of Italian food in the summer
and warm mittens in the winter.

I am from the batting cages with my father
and all the blisters that follow.
I am from the odoriferous air of stink bombs at the Methuen High School.
I am from flying out of two story windows reciting an Italian prayer
and doing hours of homework a week.

I am from Catholicism and Christmas
and Adam and Eve.
I am from celebrating Easter; not because of the candy.

I am from the leave-it-alones to the “be quiets”
and hot cocoa on a winter morning.
I am from Michael and Ann and Michael Jr.
I am from the camaraderie of Marching Band members.

I am from Italy, Sicily, and Ireland
and wandering aimlessly for hours at the Rockingham Mall.
I am from the sincere love of my friends
to the intermittent quarrels with my brother.

I am from being called countless nicknames
to babysitting my little cousins.
I am from tripping over my own feet
and snorting when I laugh too hard!

I am from my family tree filled with trust and honesty.
I am from living life to the fullest
and thanking God for the life I live.
Posted on June 21st, 2008 at 11:44pm


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