Who are Deadeye Dick? That's A Different Story...

This trio with an odd name formed in New Orleans in 1991, and for most of their career went and remained unnoticed. Borrowing their name from the novel by Kurt Vonnegut, the band toured the Southeast and built up a decent fan base. Even though they weren't signed, the group self-produced a record that would change their lives forever. A song off of this independent work, "New Age Girl" became very popular, and aired on radio stations in Atlanta and New Orleans, getting them a spot on the independent record label, Ichiban Records.

Now sighed to Ichiban, Deadeye Dick released their first album in 1994, entitled A Different Story. This 11-tracked album also included the local hit, "New Age Girl". This song gained even more popularity, and was chosen to be featured in the 1994 comedy film, Dumb and Dumber. The popularity of this film skyrocketed the catchy song up the Billboard Top 100, landing it in the 27th slot.

Deadeye Dick released their second album in 1995. Though, the newly released Whirl was unable to live up to the fame of it's sister album, and failing to recreate the success of their first hit, Deadeye Dick disbanded in 1996.

If you find yourself asking why I bothered to review an album from a one-hit wonder band from the early 90's that almost no one has ever heard of, the answer is this: I think that Deadeye Dick were severely underrated and deserve all the recognition possible. "New Age Girl" is a great, catchy song, but in all honesty it doesn't even begin to reflect the true sound of Deadeye Dick. In the diluted yet brightly colored world of the bubble gum pop, R&B, and grunge of the 90's, they brought a nice, innocent, crystal clear sound lacking in wild guitar and synthesized hi-hats.

Deadeye Dick's songs are relatively simple. Nice steady drum beats, mellow acoustic guitar with the occasional small and simple solo, and great lyrics. Songs of searching for love, missing lost friends, the stress of relationships and how the "perfect family" and the world they live in just isn't right. "New Age Girl", is without a doubt, their most over the top song. So, is their simple sound the reason for their downfall? You never know.
Posted on June 25th, 2008 at 02:22am


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